Your Email Inbox right inside your CRM

May 14, 2018

Finally, you managed to set up your own CRM for your business and no doubt that it would definitely help to efficiently manage your business process and close more deals. Suddenly, you find your sale reps are juggling between their email and CRM to get know about the previous conversation with the customers. As they used email for communication before implementing the CRM and all the previous conversations are invisible to your CRM. And it’s likely that your team are manually entering all the contacts in your CRM software.


Now you may think to make your Email and CRM interact with each other. So how can you do that? We have a solution for you – Email Plus, To connect your Email and CRM.

Email client that reflects your own Email

Connect your own email account with your Vtiger CRM. Configure your email to access your email account like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Gives a look and feel as like your email. And you can create any additional folders or subfolders to efficiently manage your conversation, which will automatically reflect in your Email. Just a single click to preview your email and double click on it to go to the detail view of the email.

Say bye-bye to manual data entry

Easy to convert your Email recipients as CRM Lead, or Contact or Organisation. Got a new lead in your email, just navigate to the detail view of the email and add their info in your CRM.

No more duplicate entries

Once received a new email, get to know whether their info is already existing in your CRM right from the detail view. If so, know about the contact Name, Phone Number, No. of products purchased and No. of open tickets. Else, create a new one record in your CRM.

Flexible to use multiple sender identities

Do you sell products related to multiple brands? By this time multiple sender identities may come in handy. With email plus, you can sue multiple FROM email address to communicate with your prospects each defines a unique brand.

Get started today: Email Plus.