WP Ultimate CSV Importer 3.6.6 Released Now

October 30, 2014

WP Ultimate CSV importer is simple but powerful yet. It is more effective importer with user friendly UI and advanced feature. Now user can import csv files for post, page, custom post, custom taxonomies, users, categories/tags, customer reviews, marketpress, WP eCommerce, WooCommerce, eshop. Our importer helps you to import bulk post for your blog.

Added features in 3.6.6

WooCommerce Product Gallery

  • WooCommerce Multi value Attribute
  • Inline Images
  • Dry Run Feature
  • ACF google map custom field

 1. WooCommerce Product Gallery


Our new version provides support to add gallery images for WooCommerce products. For a single product, many images are added. Those images are called as gallery for a product. Using our plugin you can import gallery images for a product. User can import csv file with header as image id. Our importer plugin includes wordpress fields for product gallery.

2. WooCommerce Multivalue Attributes


Our previous version supports WooCommerce attribute to import. Our new release provides support for multivalue attributes. In WooCommerce products, user can add attributes. Using our importer plugin user can add multiple values for attributes. User should provide the values of attribute separated by ,(comma) for multiple values and separated by |(pipe symbol) for attribute in csv file.

 3. Inline Images


This is an advanced feature in our importer. Our plugin inserts images to the post/product content. In post content user should specify the image tag either with image name and its extension or with external url with image name and extension. Our plugin adds support to import those images from local machine or from external url.

4. Dry Run


Dry Run is just the trail importer. It ia an awesome feature. If the user want test whether created csv header should correctly mapped with wp fields, they can use this dry run. It imports first record of your csv file with post status as draft. User can verify the imported fields. This feature saves precious time of the user. It is an advanced feature of our new version.

 5. ACF google map


Our new release includes support for acf google map custom fields. User can create the google map field in acf and add the header in csv file. Using our importer plugin you can import the acf google map custom fields to the post/product. User can also view the google map inside the post/product page.


There are two recent minor updates 3.6.61 and 3.6.62 are available now with following change logs

Version 3.6.62

– Modified menu order changes added to avoid the blank page issues
– Added Dynamic Debug mode enable/disable feature in settings module
– Fixed Feature image export issue
– Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.6.61

– Added ACF file field support
– Added WordPress SEO yoast support for categories, tags and taxonomies in import and export feature
– Fixed ACF image URL field issues