WP Ultimate CSV Importer 3.6.5 released now

October 27, 2014

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin proven much effective advanced CSV File Importer With Ultimate User Friendly Features. It is much easy now even for newbies to import any csv file as any wordpress post type and associated fields by simple mapping feature. Now import any CSV file as thousands of post, page and custom post types. This helps you in bulk edit, create and import posts type for your blog or site.

New Features in Version 3.6.5

  1. WooCommerce plugins addon support
  2. ACF Repeater import
  3. Advanced Filter option in Export Feature
  4. Detailed Log Message for Import/update Feature
  5. Improved UI in all modules
  6. Drop importer activity check to remove all data
  7. Download log link
  8. PODS import

WP Ultimate CSV importer_statistics

Added Third Party Plugins

Our new relaease WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 3.6.5 supports third party plugins such as

  1. ACF Repeater
  2. PODS Custom Posts and Fields.
  3. WooCommerce addons includes
  • WooCommerce Chained Products
  • WooCommerce Pre orders
  • WooCommerce Product addons
  • WooCommerce Product Retailers
  • WooCommerce Warranty Request

WP Ultimate CSV importer_Settings page

Importer Options

The import feature has been improved as well to handle local, from a server location, ftp and remote csv uploads. Improved sampling option helps users to easily understand the mapping features like what goes to which fields in wordpress. Users able to save their mapping setup as reusable templates with classified name for future use to reduce pain of repeated mapping.

Security and Performance

To allow authors to import it “Allow authors to import”. It provides minimum required php ini details and debug information. To improve performance users control the performance of their import based on their hosting and server environment setup by setting no. of posts server request. Normally 1-5 depends on their max. execution time and memory in their phpini settings. For speed imports this value can be much more with increased max execution time and memory temporarily or permanently. To further duplicate handling based on title or content or both remains same and add value to the importer to avoid duplicates as before. More to this selected records import add much flexibility than before.

Export Feature

Export feature is in separate tab in which users can select a post type to export completely as csv to your hard drive. More features like filtered export and other modules export like custom post, eCommerce etc are included in this new release. New version provides export features for all the post type including post, page, users, tags, category. It also supports third party plugin such as eshop, wp-eCommerce, WooCommerce, marketpress, customer reviews and types(custom post and custom taxonomy).


  1. Export data for specific periods – User can export data within specified date.
  2. Export data with specific status – User can export data within specified status. Eg: publish, private etc.
  3. Export data by specific authors – User can also filter export data by author.