WP Sugar Free Plugin installation Tutorial

June 11, 2014

This tutorial shows how to install wp-sugar-free plugin application on your WordPress by simple step by step procedure.

Plugin installation

1. Download the wp-sugar-free zip file version 1.1.0.

2. Unzip the zip file.

3. Upload wp-sugar-free file into ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory using ftp client.

4. Activate the plugins menu in the WP Admin panel to activate the new plugin.

5. Other way you can install the plugin directly through the WP Admin panel.

6. Go to WP Admin >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload

7. Browse for wp-sugar-free.zip location and click Install Now button.

8. You get plugin successfully installed message.

9. Activate the plugins menu.

10. Now ‘wp-sugar-free’ menu is added in the wp admin menu

Workflow – How to?

How to connect Sugar CRM and WordPress

  • When WP sugar free menu is clicked, sugarCRM Settings page opens.
  • Host address is the path location of your sugarCRM.
  • User name is the user name of sugarCRM.
  • Password is the password of sugarCRM.
  • Click the button “Test connection”.
  • If the details are correct, ‘connected successfully’ message is displayed.
  • Enable “Capture WordPress Users” to sync wordpress users
  • Save the settings.

How to use Lead capture form WP Sugar Free Plugin installation settings

  • After the settings are saved, go to ‘lead fields’ tab.
  • The short code is displayed in lead capture form.
  • Then the short code is copied and pasted in the posts>>Add New in WP-admin panel.
  • Click “Publish” to publish the post
  • After publish it, select “View Post” to view the post created by shortcode.
  • The form is displayed in the sample page with selected fields and mandatory fields.
  • Those fields that are mandatory in sugarCRM can’t be altered from WP admin.
  • Data are entered in the fields and click the submit button. The data are stored in leads of sugarCRM.
  • The same procedure is done for ‘widget fields’.

How to use Widget form

  • Goto widget form field.
  • For widgets also same process but only two or three fields to suite the widget fields.
  • Copy the short code from the widget form
  • Go to ‘WP-Admin panel’
  • Click “Appearance” and select ‘Widgets’
  • Text tab is activated and choose the area to display the widget form.
  • Now the generated short code is entered in the Text area and save.
  • View the post. The widget form is shown in the selected area of the WP-Admin panel.
  • Provide the necessary data and click the submit button.
  • It shows the message as “Data stored successfully”
  • The data are stored in leads of sugarCRM.

How to generate short code and Sync WP users

These features are available only in our PRO plugin