WP Advanced Importer tutorial

June 15, 2014

WP Advanced Importer tutorial


WP Importer Advanced Plugin helps you to manage the post, page and
custom post data’s from a XML file.
1. Admin can import the data’s from any xml file.
2. Can define the type of post and post status while importing.
3. Provides header mapping feature to import the data’s as your need.
4. Users can map coloumn headers to existing fields or assign as custom fileds.
5. Import unlimited datas as post.
6. Make imported post as published or make it as draft.
7. Added featured image import functionality.

What is a XML file and where i have to get sample XML file?
XML is a file extension for an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file format used to create common
information formats and share both the format and the data on the World Wide Web, intranets, and
elsewhere using standard ASCII text.
You can export a xml file even in WordPress. Here is the tutor to export xml file from WordPress with


1. Click on Tools in WordPress , which placed in the left side of WordPress
2. Click Export, in the bottom of Tools.
3. Select in the list, what you want to export.
4. Click Download button to Export the XML file .

What is auto mapping in WP Advanced Importer?

WP Advanced Importer Plugin can identify mapping fields and automatically map your fields with relevant wordpress fields. This feature will almost eliminates the pain of mapping each and every time.

How to map a related wordpress fields to my XML file to import content correctly?

All wordpress fields are selected from the drop down in mapping page of the plugin. Each field is mentioned in User friendly field tags. Field tags are self explanatory and easy to understand. e.g. post_title, post_content, post_date etc.

How to import a XML file?

Import a xml file by WP Advanced importer is very easy process. Easy to do and easy to understand. Here is the tutor to import Post, Page and Custom post from a xml file and explained very simple with some screenshots.


1. Browse your xml file.
2. Choose what to import from xml file. You can select multiple type in this field.
3. Click import to go next page. Now you may face some warnings in red colour. If so, Please read that warnings carefully. Because WP Advanced importer will show warnings in some cases.

Some reasons for warnings:

i. If you click Import button, without select any xml file.
ii. If you click Import button, without select the type of import.


4. Map all missing fields manually
5. Click Save Mapping button to finish import process. Now you may get some warnings. Because WP Advanced Importer will show warnings in some cases.

Some reasons for warnings:

i.If mandatory fields are missed to map.