Work on the move – Introducing Pocket CRM for Vtiger

October 6, 2017

Mobility is one of the hottest trends right now. Smartphones are everywhere and these technologies speed up the rate at which we do everything on the go. Instant gratification of news, shopping, social media, navigation and much more has given, all with the convenience of the swipe of a screen with mobile apps.


A report by visually, states that 68 % of the time, the individuals spend on digital media is on mobile apps, and Consumers engage 2-4x better on mobile apps than mobile web. It estimates that the global mobile app revenue is $77 billion in 2017. It’s likely that your customers are already using mobile apps, to efficiently do their daily operations. And for this reason every businesses around the world are going mobile nowadays. As people want to get things done on the go, then why should your CRM alone be different?

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Pocket CRM for Vtiger – Mobile App for Vtiger CRM, an app that empower your employees to get things on the go.

Vtiger CRM on the move

Always stay connected with your CRM whenever you need and wherever you want it. Pocket CRM is ready for mobile phones, Tablets and iPad. Get all your customer info right from your hand.

Power to your employees

Instead of waiting to go back to your office, go ahead and stay in touch with your CRM wherever you go. Everything you need to know, all your CRM details in one place. Pocket CRM lets you to browse all the CRM content in one go.

Accelerate your day

Track your meetings, call schedules and everything with a built in To-Do widget in Pocket CRM. Never miss what matters, keep all your activities on top of your mind. One calendar to plan all your personal and official events.

Built with Offline joist

Pocket CRM is designed to keep you productive, even when your internet connectivity leaves you dry. All your Vtiger default and custom modules will always available offline for you to view.

We hope would like the new release and we’d love to get your feedback. Let us know by commenting below or write to us at [email protected]