WordPress Basic Tutorial

WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS), used to build or create a website or blog. The website created using WordPress is WordPress website. Its backend and frontend access make websites building simple and easy. The website backend is where you perform the magic, like adding new content. The frontend is the visible part of the website that your visitors access. WordPress content management system (CMS) is perfect for building websites.


Content Management System (CMS) helps to build a website and publish content online. WordPress is the most popular and acceptable CMS for developing a website. A report states that WordPress CMS build 43.3% of all websites on the internet. Many business and personal websites use WordPress all over the world. As a result, it is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website builder in existence today. Moreover, it is developed with a usable design with changeable properties. Above all, it is a great solution for both large and small websites.

Besides, WordPress remains an open source CMS platform. It gives you access to hundreds of pre-made website templates, extensions, and plugins. Above all, its flexible features make an excellent web platform for different types of websites. From blogging to e-commerce business and portfolio websites. You can get your website up and running within a few hours using WordPress. Lets have a discussion about WordPress website development Basic Tutorial for beginners below.

How WordPress Becomes More Popular?

The popularity of WordPress lies in its flexibility. In the 21st century, WordPress made you build your website without hiring a developer. Thanks to the content management system known as WordPress. A novice or non-techy person can build a blog, or business website without touching a line of code.

WordPress is one of the most powerful, robust and friendly CMS on the earth. It’s acceptable by many people for its proven easy to use and free edition. It also provides features allowing to customize your website to your taste. Likewise, you’re in control! Many website users consider WordPress as perfect platform for building websites. Some of the factors that contribute to the popularity are:​

1. Free and Cost-Effective

WordPress is free to use and setting up your website is also free. It is easy to find, use, edit, and scale-up which contributed to its popularity and success. WordPress is, has been, and will remain both free and open source, at least for the time being.

Download a copy of the CMS from the official WordPress website to use WordPress. Then install the appropriate directory. You can modify your website to suit your particular situation as it's an open source platform. If you want to change your design, reach an incredible WordPress community. There are many open source communities available for you. They can provide an answer in one of the thousands of forums online.

2. Understanding Plugins in WordPress

WordPress supports a set of software, called plugins. Plugins improve the look or functionality of your website further. It enhances the capability of your website and adds new features to your websites. As an open source platform, several plugins make WordPress suitable for your liking. Plugins also contribute to the success of WordPress and always redefine its capabilities. Plugins transformed WordPress from a humble blogging platform to a full-fledged CMS.

WordPress plugins include various features to your website. It does not touch a single line of code. There are hundreds of plugins accessible on the WordPress dashboard. All those plugins integrate and work well with WordPress. Incorporate any feature or perform specific operations in your website with any particular WordPress plugins. As a user, you can combine more than two plugins and match them to suit specific needs. Apart from this, plugins help in reducing your maintenance costs. Its resiliency allows independent updates on both WordPress and its individual plugins. Such updates never affect the whole website structure. Adding functionalities are easy with plugins. Popular functions added with WordPress are:

Social media
Photo slideshows
Email marketing automation
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Form setting up

New plugins are being added every day by developers around the world.

3. WordPress Themes

The biggest advantage of WordPress is pre-made website templates. That is to say that such available templates are WordPress themes. WordPress themes allows to build a framework for a good-looking and well-built website. Most importantly it is a ready-made layout created for WordPress users. Moreover making your website building easy, faster, and intuitive.

Themes make your WordPress website creation fun and unique. To clarify, it is a collection of files that work together for customization. It makes a website look attractive with multiple personalization options. A novice with no technical knowledge can create a website in a few minutes. You can customize or change the graphical interface to suit your website. A wide range of themes are available to design a website. Moreover, themes make your website interface look easy to use. Add different features with drag-and-drop steps to develop a website. Select a theme that is useful and fits into your line of business. This saves time, and within a short duration, your website is ready.

4.Easy Usage of WordPress

Ease of use is another factor making WordPress, a popular CMS. You can design a website with an access to the WordPress dashboard. Construct your website without touching a line of code using simple mouse-click selection.

Create your WordPress website without basic HTML or CSS knowledge. Get WordPress, start building and maintaining your website in minutes. WordPress took web design out of the hands of experienced coders. The design is easily accessible and available to the masses. Subsequently this openness is a big plus to online presence. On the other hand, accessing this powerful, easy-to-use platform is simple with an organized menu of features. It reduces dependency on web professionals and empowers millions to explore web design.

5. Versatility

WordPress is a versatile and most popular content management system over the years. WordPress CMS platform designs any type of website today. This was as a blogging platform while started. It can handle any website, no matter the type you need. An eCommerce site, a photography portfolio, or even a simple blog, is possible. Millions of people turn to WordPress to build the kind of website they desire. The popularity and versatility lie in the clever usage of plugins. An ever-increasing list of built-in features strengthens it. It has grown beyond its humble beginnings.​

Besides, Google stated that only WordPress is SEO friendly with a rating of 99%. This describes why many people are opting for this content management system. Thanks to a well-designed structure that accommodates crawl by search engines. You can rank your website on google. WordPress loads faster, follows robust coding and user interface standards. This makes optimization of both the website and images easy. It offers easy integration of social media features. It also generates XML sitemaps to make your website pages listed on Google. Check out our article on 30 important reasons for using WordPress.

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