WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro V4.0 Beta Demo Is Available

January 13, 2015

A live demo of WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer PRO V4.0 BETA Demo Is Available to all users now. Users can access the live demo to test drive new features and improvements.

Live Demo – WP Ultimate CSV Importer

You can refer the product manual and download the sample CSV files.
As planned WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Version 4.0 BETA is a completely modified importer to keep the simplicity of all WordPress import modules without compromising the performance factor. The bug fixes, improvements and newly added features make this release a unique one. We planned to have a live demo of the BETA release and it will be kept until marked as stable. Users can test drive and share their thoughts for more improvements. Looking forward for your comment on this.

Major Improvements to Current Features

User Interface

The major switch in mapping section of 4.0 version is WP fields are moved to the left fixed column and CSV headers to the right drop down options. Now users have to map/select their CSV headers against WP fields in left which was straight opposite to prior versions. This allows to add more features in near future and has more flexibility than before.

Save Settings

Now new improved Ajax based save feature enables to auto save all options on the fly while selecting required options. No more jerks or issues when you forget to save switching options in settings module.

Import Options

In import, mapping section has been modified completely. To make mapping simple and to handle hundreds of attributes all WP fields are grouped. This feature improvement makes easy to map only the required set of fields and user can skip other. Also, plugin based grouping makes it more simple to select and map now.

Summarize View

Summarize view is another improvement to import mapping option, enables to cross-check their mapping setup just before the import.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF PRO )

The support for Advanced Custom Fields plugin has been improved well to support features and fields of their latest version.

Log Section

The improved real-time log section and log messages can tell about remaining records, current processing record, etc. It also allows users to download these logs at any time in the log manager(Managers -> Log Manager).

Mapping Template

The improvements to Reusable Advanced Mapping Template manager is the template edit option. It is more flexible now than before to edit any saved mapping templates from template manager(Managers -> Templates).


Improved export module have more advanced exclusion options and filters for more controlled export of data from WordPress. There are more options, features and controls in planned development pipeline.

Included New Features in 4.0

Inline Media

The long awaiting feature improvement is media handling for inline content. Users can now assign as many images they need as predefined shortcodes in CSV post content column. To improve the performance the image shortcodes can be populated after the CSV import which will handle image imports separately to avoid any breakage or delays in import. Added to that handling featured image as shortcode improves the total performance. The images related with the shortcodes in CSV can be bundled as a zip file and imported.

Image Shortcodes

Users can use [WPIMPINLINE:image.jpg] shortcode in CSV for inline image handling. For featured image use [WPIMPFEATURED:image.jpg] as shortcode is CSV. Users can use advanced shortcode manager to import and assign images for all post imported using a CSV. This method will improve total performance, memory management and speed of the import process.

Update Feature

Now update option is explicitly placed in the upload section. Users can update just like performing an import. The importer updates even the existing Posts, (i.e) Posts that are not imported by our plugin. Little care is needed to use this features and it is advised to take backup before the import to roll back if anything gone wrong. For updating an old import users are allowed to select a CSV imported from file manager to update the records related to that. Also an option is available to update a posts related CSV directly from File manager.

More than this another stunning feature added is partial update. This allows users to update only selected attributes to fields and skip other to update. For example users can only update spl. price or stock alone for all products they have. In combination with scheduled update option one can automate festival offers and restore back to prior state as on scheduled date, time.

Static / Dynamic / Formula content import feature.

This is the new feature allows users to add static or dynamic content like formulas to a WP field instead of mapping a CSV header to it. This feature need more improvements in future to handle multiple attributes to a single field values etc.

Auto Delimiter

Auto delimiter feature enables to handle CSV with any delimiter now as far as the CSV is properly formatted and escaped.

Bugs and Issue Fixes

There are several bug fixes implemented in 4.0 BETA version as well. Issues with Nested category & Nested Taxonomies import has been fixed. Nested Taxonomies with Yoast SEO support has been solved. Implemented minor security fixes, PHP Warnings and Console Warnings. Migration for all old PRO versions are added. Media Handling image extension issues are solved and improved to handle images as WP does.