WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer : Error: post_status are mandatory fields

January 24, 2014

Getting “Error: post_status are mandatory fields. Please map the fields to proceed”

You get this error when there is no status values found or mapped at the time of import. In both free and pro version of Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer you should choose the post_status from any one of the available options from the drop down as in following image

Post status option in WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer

“Status as in CSV”  which is selected in default is the advanced feature to apply different status for each post that is being imported. When you choose this as option you should map a csv header with post status values. Other wise the plugin will trigger error as “Error: post_status are mandatory fields. Please map the fields to proceed

To have the real advantage of this feature, you should have a csv value for each post with either status tag or ID in you CSV file as follows

ID   Status Tag

1      Publish     – This default which publish your post

2      Sticky     – This will publish your post as Sticky

3      Private      – This makes your post as Private

4      Protected      – This makes the post as Password protected

5      Draft – This makes your post in Draft mode

6      Pending – This makes your post for pending review

Or choose any one of other six option from the drop down to avoid or skip this feature.

WP post status options for import

You can choose Publish, Sticky, Private, Protected, Draft or Pending from the drop down. Note that this status is applied to whole posts imported from the particular CSV file. Also if Protected option is chosen then you should give a password as below

Publish, Sticky, Private, Protected, Draft or Pending

Otherwise the default (admin) is applied as password.