WordPress Traitify plugin: How to use

July 22, 2015

How to use WordPress Traitify plugin

To know the personality of your website users, you can use this plugin. The user should simply select “Me” or “Not Me”. Series of images will be displayed to get the user’s view.

Getting Started

Download and activate the “Traitify” plugin. To use this plugin you must have vendor library files inside the Traitify plugin. If you didn’t have that library files then warning message will be displayed. So download the vendor library files by clicking “Here!” in that page and unzip the library files into your traitify’s libs directory (Path: plugin_directory/traitify/libs).

WordPress Traitify Warning

Go to the settings of “Traitify” plugin, enter the secret key as well as public key and then click “submit” button. To get the secret key and public key you need to create an account in the Traitify website. After the account creation, you must login and click the “+” symbol nearby “create your first app” then enter the application name and click “save” button to get both the keys.

WordPress Traitify settings

After that, “short codes” and “codes” will be generated. Generated codes

WordPress Traitify Shortcodes

Career Deck: It is used to find the individual personal attributes. It suits for the users like students, aspirant, teams and human resources

Core: This assessment will help to understand overall characteristics of a person.

Super Hero: It is used to analyze the individual’s tastes to products or services.

Introvert Extrovert: This assessment is used to find the user’s preferences and needs.

Movies: This assessment is used to know the user’s preferences over movies. The information received from this assessment is used for the purpose of entertainment recommendations and also know the general characters of the user.

Persuasion: Through this assessment you can measure individual styles of persuasion to ensure compatibility between leaders and supporters. Copy the short-codes and paste it in the post’s or page’s description then click “update”. Press “view post” to verify.