How to Update WordPress plugins

A plugin is a software, which is used for enhancement purposes. It is called an add-on or extension. It can be installed in the program to extend its functionality. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available in the WordPress directory. Including free or premium WordPress plugin versions. You can choose either of them. The purpose of plugins is to add features to your website without the knowledge of any code. Developers periodically update things in order to fix bugs and for additional features. It is important to update the plugins properly and at the same time need to manage them. To prevent bugs and to use newly developed features, you need to keep things up to date. You can make the updates automatically and manually. Let's have a detailed look at how to update the plugins.


Steps to update wordpress plugins:

Firstly, you need to install the WordPress plugin that you want to install for your website. You can install it from the WordPress dashboard. Goto WordPress Dashboard and click plugins from the menu.


Then search the plugin in the search bar which is in the top right corner. After that, install the plugin and activate it with just a click.

You can also install the plugin by using drag and drop method. Get the zip file of the plugin you want to install. Then drag your .zip file from the location in your pc. After that, Click "install" to install the plugin. Now you can install and activate your plugin.


Once you activate the plugin, you can use it for your need. WordPress comes with a built-in update system. So that, it automatically checks for the update and you will get a notification in the plugin menu. It shows notifications for WordPress plugins, themes and WordPress core software. There is an option to update the plugin manually. So that, you can manually check for the updates by visiting the WordPress dashboard >> updates page.


Visit the plugin page and check for the updates available. Now you can install these updated versions of the plugin. You will get a notification below each plugin. That, it has an update for you and install it now. All you need to do is just click the “update now” link to update the plugin. This is a simple process to update the plugin.


Also, you have a choice for the bulk updates. If you want bulk updates of plugins, you can follow the process. To check the bulk updates goto the plugins page and click the “updates available” link. It will show you all updates available for the plugins. Here you can select the plugin which you need to update. After selecting the plugin just click "Update". Now your updated version of the plugins is ready to work.


The most important thing is before updating the plugin you need to check the details of the new version. So you will get an idea about the new version of the plugin. Also, you will know what are the changes made in this updated version. These are the process to update the plugin in WordPress.

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