Magento WordPress Sync Feature Explanation

Magento WordPress Sync is a new plugin by Smackcoders that can sync data between Magento to WordPress WooCommerce Stores. The plugin gives the ability to do easy sync the data from Magento to WordPress WooCommerce store with 6 primary set of records, essential attributes and meta fields.

What to sync from Magento store to WordPress using Magento WordPress Sync plugin?

  1. Categories – Can import all categories with parental hierarchy, name, slug, description, parent details.
  2. Attributes – import all attributes with attribute types as bulk ( select & text ).
  3. Groups – import all groups into WordPress group’s add-on.
  4. Customers – import all customers and their shipping, billing details
  5. Sales Orders – import all Sales orders along with following order status Processing, Pending Payment, On Hold, Cancelled, Failed
  6. Products – import all Magento Products into WooCommerce products along with all product meta fields.

A detailed no. of plugin options under “Sync Data” section users can choose from 6 primary set of data to start syncing from each. As a first step user have to configure Magento API user & API key correctly before start with any sync options. Once API details are configured, the Magento WordPress Sync plugin can sync any data from Magento.

How to configure the sync settings?

Under setting tab provide correct Magento API URL, API User, API Key to configure with your Magento store for transfer/sync records to your WordPress store. This can be used for complete Magento to WordPress migration or periodical sync between Magento WordPress stores.

How the Categories Sync works?

Under “Sync Data” section, there is an icon named as “Categories” can be found. All the magneto store categories can be synced from your configured Magento into WordPress using this sync method. All categories and sub categories along with their name, respective slug, description & parent details are transferred/synced. Categories are synced without losing their hierarchy (parental information) format. This feature enables users to assign all categories synced from Magento as WooCommerce store product categories.

How the Attributes Sync works?

Under “Sync Data” section, there is an icon named as “Attributes” can be found. All the attributes and sets are synced from user configured Magento store to WooCommerce. Attribute sets synced along with name, slug, type, order by details, meta_key & meta_value information. This feature assigns synced magento attributes as their respective WooCommerce Attribute sets.

What Groups Sync do?

There is a feature to sync group data using “Groups” icon. All the customer groups are synced from user Magento store as WooCommerce Groups.

How Customers Sync is done?

User can find “Customers” icon which is to sync all the mage customers into WooCommerce Customers. This feature can sync customers name, password, nickname, email, display_name along with customer’s shipping details and billings detail information. Customers synced are also assigned to their respective WooCommerce Groups.

How Sales Orders Sync options works?

“Salesorders” icon option is to sync all the Sales orders from user Magento as WooCommerce Orders with customer details, items related to the orders, fees details, shipping details etc.

How Products Sync is handled?

Finally the Products Sync using “Products” icon sync all the Products form Magento as WooCommerce Products. This sync not only transfers products alone. They sync all essential details of the products like below listed attributes and Meta values.

List supported Products Attributes and Meta Fields

  • visibility
  • sku
  • manage_stock
  • stock_status
  • regular_price
  • sale_price
  • sale_price_dates_from
  • sale_price_dates_to
  • tax_class_id
  • tax_status
  • tax_class
  • purchase_note
  • featured
  • weight
  • length
  • width
  • height
  • backorders
  • file_paths
  • download_limit
  • download_expiry
  • product_url
  • button_text
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