WordPress data export made easy with FREE WP Ultimate Exporter

August 7, 2017

Websites are an integral part of today’s technological world. And the rate at which the websites are evolving over years has been phenomenal. In fact, many survey results show that, in this internet infiltrated world, it is imperative to have a website for your business. But is it enough that we just have a website?

Definitely not! Your websites are the first portal that customers face on the internet. It is equally critical to have your website that is, highly intuitive and interactive. Website provides you the way to better inform your customers about your products and services. When these vital information are lost, what a horror that would be!

However safeguarding your website data is the top priority, as it is the virtual front desk of your business. There may be hundreds of thousands of reasons that may lead to the loss of your website data. Regardless of any other reason, a simple accidental thing may throw your business into tailspin. That’s where the data backup comes into the play. But getting periodic data backups can be tedious, while your website runs out of consistent updates. Well, say hello to WP Ultimate Exporter (FREE).


Easy data backup

Now you can get regular updates about your WordPress website data in just one go with WP Ultimate Exporter. You can easily export all your Post, Pages and Custom Posts data as CSV from your WordPress websites. With website backup, you can quickly get your website running back again like nothing ever happened in case of accidental data loss.

Data Culling

In addition to the complete data export, now you can also isolate the subset of the data based on specific period, authors, status and more. With WP Ultimate Exporter, you can easily narrow down your search for efficient analysis.

If you haven’t yet tried, you can download WP Ultimate Exporter for FREE now.

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