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A content management system is software that allows you to create and manage posts, pages of a website. WordPress is one of the best CMS platform, you can simply login into the WordPress dashboard and design pages and posts based on your needs. Over 60 million websites are developed in WP.

The main advantage of having a WP website is that you can create dynamic websites without any third-party plugins. You can add various WordPress plugins to make your website cool. WordPress has an in-built media library that acts as a gallery management system Another advantage of having a WordPress website is you can easily migrate data from other website ie) From old website to new website.

In this course, we are going to learn about creating a WordPress website from the root and migrate data to WordPress. Also we are going to have a look at third-party integrations, which let your website look amazing in less amount of time. Create your own customized website by learning this guide front-back and achieve your dream in a short period.

1.1 CMS & WordPress Basic

What are they? Why are they important?

With CMS you design websites оn thе internet without any coding knowledge аbоut coding. In оthеr words, CMS makes it easy аnd simple tо design a website. In this tutorial we are going to learn about:

By learning this you will be aware of what is CMS and WordPress. How are they related to each other? Develop your own website with WordPress.

1.2 Build WP Websites

Show up your Site

Designing websites is difficult! Said by many. It’s really an easy thing with the right platform. If you are thinking how to develop a website for your business, then choose WordPress platform. This topic can be helpful to build a WP website in a few steps.

At the end of this tutorial you are capable of creating stunning websites with a powerful CMS platform like WordPress without hiring a developer.

1.3 Manage Content

Post and Page Creation

1.3.1 WP Post and Page Creation

New Beginning of Post and Page

After creating the website, the next process is to create pages. Just check out different websites over the internet. Each website has a home page, contact us page, and product page. Also they have other pages based on their needs. This guide will teach you how to design pages and post manually in a few steps.

This learning material will let you know the difference between page and post. And also you will understand how to build a page and post in WordPress.

1.3.2 How to migrate to WordPress

Upgrade your Website.

Migration of a website occurs when you move WordPress site frоm оnе CMS tо a different CMS, оr frоm оnе server tо аnоthеr server. Fоr an example, if уоur site iѕ built оn Drupal, уоu mау want tо migrate it tо WordPress, thе mоѕt popular CMS platform. In this tutorial you will learn:

Learning data migration makes you aware of migrating data from one instance to another or one website to another, the reason may vary.

1.3.3 How Migration made easy

Migration made easy with WordPress integration plugins.

Migration of data to WordPress seems to be difficult. But with the right plugin it is an easy process. WP migration plugins will give more flexibility, reliability, and decreased downtime. Migration is made easy with plugins if you wish to move your website to a high-performance CMS like WordPress. In this tutorial lets have a look on top 10 plugin used for migration

Finally, you will learn about how to migrate data to WordPress in a few clicks using import and export plugins.

1.3.4 WordPress:How To Import And Export

Import and Export in WP

Import all your posts, pages, taxonomies, tag data in a single CSV file and also you can export the same in a few steps. Let’s discuss how to import posts, pages and other data in a few clicks using a third-party plugin named WP ultimate CSV Importer. This chapter covers:

In conclusion, you will know how to import and export any type of content into the WordPress using various plugins in easy steps

1.4 Third-Party Plugins

Smart Work with Third-party Plugins

1.4.1 WooCommerce Import

Create an online shopping website easily with WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin used to develop the e-commerce website. Import your product data as CSV in WP ultimate CSV import to ease your process. In this topic, let’s discuss importing various WooCommerce data using the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin in few steps. And also create your own WooCommerce customized email template for your potential customers.

1.4.2 Custom Fields Import

Custom type plugins help you to customize your website contents and blogs. These plugins reduce the complexity of post updates in a logical way. WP has its default custom plugin but it has limitations. You can only update post titles, thumbnails, and content. But the custom type plugin lets you customize your post. There are various types of custom field plugins supported by WP. You can add your custom data for posts manually but it takes a lot of time. You can use Wp ultimate CSV importer to upload your post content in four file formats. It maps file header with WP header. At last, you can see the post data in the respective post menu. The plugins that are supported by WP ultimate CSV importer are:

1.4.3 WPML Import

WPML import allows you to translate posts, pages, custom posts, taxonomies, tags, and others. It lets you translate WordPress themes and plugins too. It can be achieved in a few minutes but to make everything takes time. To simplify this, import all your Multilingual data into WP Ultimate CSV importer as CSV file or XML or Text file or zip file.

1.4.4 Other Import

WP Ultimate CSV importer allows you to import files based on SEO optimization. Since it supports Yoast SEO plugin and All-in-one- SEO plugin you can upload CSV files that contain optimization field data such as title tag, description tag, tags and more. It also accepts the BB Press plugin which is used to create Forum websites like stack overflow, Quora.

1.5 Post Import Checklist

1.5 Post Import Checklist

There are few checklists you have to verify before importing data into WP Ultimate CSV importer. This chapter guides you to check your server details and rectify the problem if an error occurs in an unexpected time.

This topic guides you to verify whether your data gets correctly imported into WP using Ultimate CSV Importer plugin


True Beginners, Hopeful Experts

If you’re eager to build a website on your own, we suggest you read this guide front-to-back. We made it simple and easy to understand. Let’s get into Chapter 1.1 to create an eye-catchy website for your business.

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