Woocommerce CSV Importer Plugin

July 3, 2014

This tutorial describes how to use Woo Commerce plugin in our WP Ultimate CSV Importer. It also guides to import csv file and to perform mapping configuration by simple steps.

How to Enable WooCommerce menu in our WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Here are some steps to enable WooCommerce product menu.

  • After activating our WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin, goto “Settings” tab in the plugin
  • Select “Third Party Plugins” and enable “WooCommerce”
  • Click “Save” button to save the settings
  • Now you can view the “WooCommerce” menu next to “Dashboard” tab.

Refer the screenshot shown below to enable “WooCommerce” menu

WooCommerce settings page

How to Import CSV File

  1. After enabling WooCommerce in our WP Ultimate CSV Importer, goto “Imports” menu and select “WooCommerce” tab
  2. You can upload csv file by four ways. You can follow any one way to upload it
  • Upload file from your computer

This is the simplest way. You can directly upload the csv file from your computer. Click “Browse” button and select the csv file from your computer.

  • Download file from your FTP Server

You can also upload the file directly from your FTP server. Provide FTP host, port, username, password and URL for the file. Click “Download” button to import the specified file.

  • Download File From URL

Here you can upload the file by specifying URL of the file. After that click “Download” button.

  • Use already uploaded file

If you want to use already uploaded file, goto the path and select the file

3. After upload the csv file by any of the methods, select the delimiter. It may be ,(comma) or ;(semicolon). For our sample csv file, the delimiter will be ;(semicolon).
4. Click “Next” button to complete the uploading process.

Woocommerce browse page

Now “Mapping Configuration” tab is open for mapping. Select the post status as publish, protected, etc. Now you can do mapping by selecting the related wordpress product field. Then click “Next” button to save the mapping fields.Import Data Configuration

  • After perform mapping, go to “Settings and Performance” tab
  • If you want to delete the duplicate post content and title, enable the corresponding checkbox
  • Provide number of import per server record. Example: 1, 2, 3, etc. If it is 2, it imports the record two times.
  • Provide the specific number of records to import from your file. Example: 3, 1-5, etc. If its 3, it import the third record from your file. If its 1-5, it imports first five record from your file.
  • Click “Import Now” button to import the records from your CSV file

Woocommerce import options page

  • Now logs has been generated and your files are imported successfully
  • Goto “Products” menu in WP-Admin Panel and you can view the product that has been created using your csv file

product page

Video: WooCommerce CSV Importer with product variations using WP Ultimate CSV Importer 3.6

This video describes how to use WP Ultimate CSV Importer for Woo Commerce CSV import for all product types, variation, all attributes and their values from single csv. It also guides to import a complete controlled csv file and to perform mapping configuration by simple steps.