Why WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is a software component that can add or extend a group of functions to a wordpress website. WordPress plugins are in the form of PHP programming language. There are thousands of plugins available in the wordpress plugins directory, you can install and activate the plugin, also you can uninstall the plugin from the admin area. The plugins are available in pre and pro versions. The plugins also called as add-on, add-in, extension.


How to Add Plugins to WordPress?

Thera are three ways to install the plugin they are: Manually, Automatically or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The plugins installed manually from your wordpress dashboard by searching the required plugin and installing it. After the installation, you can activate the plugin. For manual or FTP methods, we use premium plugins and this involves uploading the set of files to your website from your local device.

Steps for installation:

Installing a WordPress plugin tends to add a third-party code to your website. So, you must be careful about installing the plugin. The wrong one can cause an error on your site. There are SEO plugins, Pinterest plugins, and more. Let’s see the steps to install the plugin automatically as well as manually.

1. To Install Automatically:

2. To Install Manually:

3. To add the plugin in WordPress through FTP:

How Secured are WordPress plugins?

Security is the major part of installing the wordpress plugins. Poorly coded plugins will hacked which makes your site vulnerable. You can keep your website safe by installing the WordPress security plugin Sucuri. This will help you to scan thousands of websites and catch the plugin which creates problems in security. By improving the overall wordpress security, you can protect your website.


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