Why do we need checklist for CRM?

May 5, 2018

Before getting into this topic in detail, I have a couple of questions for you.

Ever experienced in doing the same work or task over again and again? If so, how many times have you done them correctly, without missing a single step?


Many of us will definitely have experience in doing repetitive tasks. And sometimes we may also miss out one or two necessary steps. Even if it includes simple steps to follow, chances are there to forget certain steps in our process.

Checklist – with this, one can prevent all these mistakes. It lets you to easily consolidate all your task in one place. Now you may think, Checklist is fine but is it essential in my CRM? Definitely yes. As salesperson is no different. They may undergo with repetitive sales follow up with customers, client meetings and more. So a Checklist has definitely a place of honor.

Vtiger Smart Checklist, a checklist tool for your Vtiger CRM. Now you can efficiently manage all your CRM works by a unique checklist for each entity modules of Vtiger CRM.

  • Lets you to Create multiple checklist for a single module.
  • Mark your important tasks as mandatory fields in your checklist.
  • Once successful in your Lead Checklist you can automatically convert them into Contact or Opportunity or Organisation.
  • Get all your checklist right from the detail view of your records.

Get ready to prepare your own checklist now, Download right away and efficiently manage all your activities.