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What’s new in Vibe for VtigerCRM app

We’re happy to announce the release of new Free and Pro version of Vibe for VtigerCRM app. You can now download the updated version from the Google Play Store and Apple app store. This article covers the new release feature updates of the app that you need to know about.
Vibe for vtigerCRM in Free & Premium Versions

Android and iOS latest version support

Making ourselves flexible to the changes in the world is a never-changing attitude. Vibe for VtigerCRM comes with the support for the current Android version 10+ and iOS version 13.

Well polished Vibe for VtigerCRM Pro

If you experienced a slow login before, no more worries. You can now fastly login to the app, and do your work without any startup troubles. Log out crashing issue that occurred in the old version is solved in this new update. Our app has its first aid for the calendar crash bug so there is no hassle in accessing the CRM calendar.

vibe vtiger crm mobile app iOS calendar

Experience a better UI

Vibe for VtigerCRM is consciously designed by having our app users in mind. That’s why it’s more friendly to use. We enhanced the UI of the app, for modules’ detailed view in this new update. Clear button added in the add and edit view of modules is more convenient to your salesman to speed up his data entry work by clearing the wrongly typed text in a single click.

vibe vtiger crm iOS module detailed view

Exhibits only access permitted modules

Displaying the right modules to the right user helps maintain security. Vibe for VtigerCRM displays the modules to a user under permission the user has. Support added for least privileged people to access the user reference field in Vtiger.

vibe vtiger crm iOS image for user access permitted modules

If you have any feedback please mention in the comments section below. It’ll be helpful for us to improve your experience with the app even better. If you need any help please contact our support team at [email protected]. You can find out the app free version in the Apple app store and Google Play store.

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