Web Services, Developer API for Updating your WordPress Website

January 25, 2017

Developers are always greedy and they want to get the most out of any tool they use.  But a vendor (again a developer) cannot get all the use cases resolved in a single tool. A good developer tool should allow its customers to extend it in multiple dimensions to get everything done.

Today we are happy to announce the availability of the Web Services and Developer API in our CSV Importer for WordPress.  Yes, you can now update any data instantly from anywhere or any application or with any language and you don’t have to wait till the scheduled time to generate and upload the CSV.

Web service and Developer API to import

If you run multiple WordPress eCommerce site and list the same product across all these websites. You can now easily extend the web services to keep your in Stock count across all these websites when a sale happen in any one of the sites.  For updating a product with product Id – 101, the REST Call is as show below.

data = {“CORE”:{“post_title”:”WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro”},“ECOMMETA”:{“manage_stock”:”yes”,“stock_qty”:”1″    }}

The PHP Sample is

$request_url =  http://domain.com/wp-json/wp-ultimate-csv-importer/WooCommerce/update/101”;$data = array(‘CORE’ => array(‘post_title’ => ‘WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro’, ),‘ECOMMETA’ => array(‘manage_stock’ => ‘yes’,‘stock_qty’=> ‘1’,),

In the similar lines, you will be able to fetch the existing data and update back processed  data into your WordPress site for all the plugins supported by the CSV Importer i.e.  WooCommerce, Marketpress, Events Manager, ACF, Pods, Yoast SEO, etc.,

This version of the CSV Importer also has a developer API which will help you integrate the CSV Importer with your plugins or with other development to manipulate your site data.

Do give it a try by clicking on Try Now button in WP Ultimate CSV Importer page and let us know your feedback to [email protected]