Web Development | Custom Development for Open Source CRM & CMS

January 12, 2014

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a wide spreading requirement as it becomes mandatory for managing interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. Also can handle marketing with customer service and related technical support. It makes the process ease to organize, communicate, synchronize sales activities and automate the daily tasks. CRM solutions is the only cost effective solution to generate leads and sales with good success rate.

vtiger crm is a open source crm, used widely by every one in business. Can be integrated to your existing websites or eCommerce sites to extend your customer relationship process. Also it can be integrated along with customer portal to open source CMS like joomla and wordpress based sites. To enhance further with crm we can also integrate human resources systems (Orange HRM) for Hr Management and phplist for newsletter features as single bundle.

Orange hrm is also open source, free to use. Further you can add payroll management and DocEx plugins to manage your payroll processing and Document related works. Phplist is a open source newsletter manager which allows to manage users and newsletters feature.

Custom Development

All these integration includes single sign-on without creating new signups by users as follows.

  • Joomla + vtiger + customer portal + Orange HRM + phplist integrations (single sign-on) as single pack
  • WordPress + vtiger + customer portal integration + Orange HRM + phplist integrations (single sign-on) as single pack

Further in smackcoders we can handle all type of custom developments for Vtiger, sugar crm, wordpress, joomla, magento and orange hrm modules.

Here are some of our important widely required custom developments done for our exixting clients.

  • Vtiger with icontact
  • Vtiger with constant contacts
  • Expense, Travel, payroll management and document mangement plugins for Orange HRM.
  • Newticker and rss scroller extesions for joomla.
  • Lead capture and custom importer plugins form wordpress.

All these development works, modules and addons are readily available on request. Please feel free to contact us for development realted service or a quote.