Work Offline With Pocket CRM for Vtiger

We have added more useful and much needed features to our Pocket CRM application for the Vtiger. We have highlighted some of them.

Complete Offline Support:

To boost your sales and sales man productivity, we have added offline support wherein you can add new records , edit existing records and delete records when you are not connected to your main Vtiger CRM application. Your Sales man need not worry about the Sync, the application will automatically take care of syncing the data between the servers. When connected to the internet, the changes on the mobile will be updated to your servers in real time and the changes on your server will be downloaded once in a minute in the background.  

Sales Automation – Lead Conversion:

We have taken our first step towards the Sales automation support. The first addition we have done for this is the workflow of creating an opportunity, contact or Organization from the lead.  We will be adding the other workflows in the upcoming updates.

Better integration with the Mobile:

The visual cues have been added to initiate a call or an SMS from the Pocket CRM app to the mobile number of the Lead, contact or opportunity.  You can also initiate an email to your lead from the CRM app.  Additionally, you can add contacts of your mobile app as CRM contact and vice versa. You can also add your incoming mobile numbers as CRM Contact.

Better User Experience:

The app has been enhanced to provide better L & F for a pleasant experience. We have tried to bring the most important information to the front and also do a few things in the background. Events are displayed in a Calendar view for better readability.

Vtiger CRM Mobile App Download

This is not the end and we are working to enhance the application further to add more Sales automation and more workflow to provide a complete Vtiger support. We would be very happy to hear your feedback and to incorporate the same in the upcoming version.

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