Vtiger Open Source CRM For Your Business

Vtiger is an open source customer relationship management system helping all level businesses to provide great customer experiences. Any business operating across a wide range of industries with varied departments can start using Vtiger CRM. Multiple teams involved in marketing, sales, inventory, support, projects, and many more.

Let's have an introduction about Vtiger Open source CRM for business. Open source crm is a one-stop streamlined tool for managing and tracking your leads, marketing automation, workflow management, reports and analytics, and sales management. There are different types of Vtiger CRM available including sales CRM, operational CRM, All-in-One CRM and inbound CRM. Vtiger CRM helps businesses to automate a broad variety of tasks Thus supporting business to manage all operation, communication, services, analysis, and tracking work effectively in a few clicks.

Small businesses, mid-sized companies and large-level Enterprises involved in commercial and non-commercial operations of b2b and b2c operations will require an open source CRM system. Open source CRM like Vtiger helps in handling the day-to-day activities of storing, organizing, managing and tracking the real-time process of different projects in a company.

Any business can maintain its work including lead management, marketing activities, sales targets, departmental operations, help desk support, customer services, and online media management through a single open source crm channel. An open source CRM can make a business improve potential lead generation, increase sales volume, maximize productivity, deal with customers efficiently and gain more return on investment with enhanced customer retention and reduced work expenses.

Features of Vtiger Open Source CRM

Vtiger crm is a completely free open source CRM tool without receiving the extras of IT and support for your business. Marketing feature contains many useful modules including campaigns, leads, contacts and organizations. Sales feature contains opportunities, quotes, products, services, SMS notifier, contacts and organizations. Inventory feature contains products, services, price books, invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, vendors, contacts and organizations.

Support feature contains tickets, FAQ, service contracts, assets, SMS notifier, contacts and organisations. Projects contain projects, project tasks, project milestones, contacts and organizations. Tools option contains email templates, RSS feed, our sites, recycle bin and PBX manager. There are few other options available including Mail Manager, Documents, Extension Store and Settings.

User-friendly Modules of Vtiger CRM

  • Marketing Lead Management is one of the most powerful features of Vtiger CRM. Leads are generated by running marketing campaigns through several modes and stored in CRM. Filters can be created to call or email appropriate leads, qualifying potential leads, segregating remarketing dead leads, and conversion of contacts and organization leads into opportunities are all handled here.
  • Opportunity Management is another key feature of this CRM enabling users to prioritize time by tracking top deals through generated reports from the dashboard. It also maintains recurrent follow-up of opportunities, tracking forecasted amounts and quotes of deals. If the deal is won, following invoice generation and online payment transactions are managed and if the deal is lost, the same will be redirected for re-target lost opportunities.
  • Support Management feature helps to manage customer portal and mail converter through a ticketing system for resolving the troubles. Creating frequently asked questions from solved tickets and tracking of service agreement options are also available.
  • Project Management helps to create tasks, allocate assignments, comment on every activity, record progression, review milestones and examine the total time frame of projects, so as to compare the planned and actual duration.
  • Inventory Management allows to list down all the products, prices, vendors list, services provided, sales order, and purchase orders.
  • Tools option provides Quickbooks, labels editor, calendar management, mail manager, documents, SMS notifier, and recycle bin. The analytics option in the Home helps to generate reports as per requirement.

The presence of core features in all versions, instinctive workflow and ample tools integrations are the most important benefits of Vtiger free open source crm. Customer-centric configuration attracts many industries and affordable hosting and maintenance cost made the crm to attain a reasonable number of businesses. Customization of modules is possible for the products and the same never allows competitors to access it.

Installation requisites for Vtiger CRM

The pre-installation checklist includes verifying the operating system of the user and installing the relevant configuration platforms. Vtiger crm is created on LAMP, WAMP, MAMP and XAMP platforms. Other prerequisites include Apache 2.1+, MySQL 5.1+, PHP 5.2+, 7.0+ and hardware requirement of 4 GB RAM with 250 GB of disk space for the file attachments.

Download the relevant operating system’s open source crm from the below link: https://www.vtiger.com/open-source-crm/

Extract all the files by unzipping the Vtiger file and paste it into Apache location, inside htdocs and provide write or edit access to Apache process owner.

Create the new Vtiger Database to save your CRM data from the MySQL database from the CPanel. Then create a new user to read and write data and also create a new MySQL user for each and every Vtiger database you wish to create by avoiding the usage of the root user of the server. Select the user and database by clicking the Add user to database option. Assign all privileges to your users and note the credentials which must be entered during the installation. Open your browser and provide your domain or IP address, for eg: yourdomain.com/vtiger

Follow the next steps on the wizard for installing the open source Vtiger CRM. Try to make necessary changes in php.in for PHP Configuration errors. Errors can be rectified from XAMP control panel by clicking the php.in from Apache’s config option. Common errors and it’s solution are listed below:

  • 1. display_errors must be set to -> ON
  • 2. max_execution_time must be given as zero -> 0
  • 3. error_reporting must be given as -> E_WARNING & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT
  • 4. allow_call_time_pass_reference must be set to -> ON
  • 5. log_errors must be set to -> OFF

Now click Save & restart Apache, then follow the installation instructions, give the hostname as localhost and Username as root for MySQL username. Select the industry of your business & click Next. Select All or required modules & choose your Time Zone, language & date format and then click Get Started.


Hope this article helps you to know more about Vtiger CRM and how to install it. If you have any issues in installing Vtiger, reach out to us, we will help you. We also offer so many integrations for Vtiger, please do check out here. If you need any customizations in your CRM, we are ready to do that for you by charging an affordable price. If you have any questions or enquiries, write to us at [email protected]

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