Vtiger MailChimp Integration Module – Enhanced

March 22, 2016

MailChimp Integration for Vtiger CRM to sync Contacts, Leads and Accounts to and fro from MailChimp subscribers is pushed out with stable updates and minor modifications in the workflow. A new update with restrictions helps to elude syncing of Unsubscribed or Cleaned members in the MailChimp list even if the Vtiger CRM is not updated with unsubscribe list.

The workflow sync with conditional filters after editing the bulk records of the leads, contacts and accounts module has been revamped to sync all the record that satisfies the condition.

The User Interface has been improved with a proper alert status of the API configurations in the settings page. With the feedbacks from our customers in displaying the List and Status of the Subscriber, we have added a new widget in the Detail view section.


The process of converting Lead to Contact is modified to smoothen the flow of the conversion process. The bug that prevents this flow has been fixed. The conflicted installation checkup section list has been verified and confirmed to update with the latest changes in the workflow.

You can try out ourlive demo and write to us your feedback at [email protected]. You can visit the product page and documentation to know more about the features. If you want the integration to be customized for your instance feel free to contact us.