Vtiger Google Calendar Sync is now available for Vtiger 7

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Noted by Benjamin Franklin. Organizing and scheduling all your events and appointments, would definitely help you to efficiently manage all your works. So always a calendar has a place of honor at the workplace. But sometimes, it doesn’t exactly helps when there are so many calendars to keep with.


An average office worker’s calendar is always a bunch of different calendars, stacked on top of each other – a product release schedule, a sales call, a client meeting, a team lunch and so on. On the other hand, personal calendar holidays, travel plans, birthdays, anniversaries, etc,. At this time, there is a possibility of having so many calendars to keep up with and it makes the calendar as a yet another source of distraction.

Meet Vtiger Google Calendar Sync, with the support for the latest version of Vtiger CRM 7. With Vtiger Google Calendar Sync, you can stay updated with all your schedules within your Vtiger CRM.

Once you have installed the Vtiger Google Calendar Sync, configure the required Google Calendar API. After that’s done, you can check all your calendar events within your Vtiger CRM. Vtiger Google Calendar Sync will keep your Vtiger CRM synced with all the latest events and appointments, so you never overlook your calendar for any activities.

Bi directional Sync – You can create new events, edit or delete events either in Vtiger CRM or Google Calendar and have them updated in both.

Sync Specific Events – Pick and choose exactly from which time range you need to sync your calendar events.

Automated Sync – Vtiger Google Calendar Sync runs in the background, and you can configure how often to run the sync between your calendars.

Securely Sync Events – The sync happens over highly secure Google API in both the directions.

Logs to maintain Sync Info – Get the complete sync info like sync status, Google event Id, Vtiger Id within your Vtiger CRM.

Go ahead and give it a try to efficiently track and organise all your activities inside the Vtiger CRM. Kindly write to us your feedback at [email protected] or Please leave your comments below.

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