Vtiger Google Calendar Sync in Multi Language

April 6, 2015

Vtiger Google Calendar Sync Version 1.2.2 update by Smackcoders is obtainable now from our store.

The Variety of enhancements, a user reported bug fixes and new feature included further to the current version as planned. This version has been finally marked as stable version after the team is satisfied with a number of testings.

Improvements further done for this release

  • 1.2.2 Tested and found works well without any issues.
  • Vtiger CRM 6.X Compatibility added.
  • Minor UI changes added.
  • Added delete functionality for time events – Manual & Cron transfers.
  • Added Cron feature – Sync Vtiger CRM events to Goolge Calendar.

Minor Bug fixes

  • Bug fixed for time of events.
  • Fixed event time issue.
  • SYNC process notification message & UI.

Vtiger Google Calendar Sync multi-language supports further with success for all fourteen Vtiger CRM languages. This is one among our long waited options enclosed in the 1.2.2 version. Vtiger Google Calendar Sync multi-language support is obtainable for following languages in Vtiger CRM 6.2

  • US English
  • PT Brasil
  • ES Mexico
  • DE Deutsch
  • Romania
  • Turkce Dil Paketi
  • British English
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Język Polski
  • ES Spanish
  • Pack de langue français
  • IT Italian
  • NL-Dutch
  • HU Magyar

With this new feature users will use Vtiger Google Calendar Sync module in their most well-liked language with Vtiger CRM. It’s merely simple to modify between all on the market languages by selecting one underneath Vtiger CRM Manage Users.

Novice users will follow the straightforward steps to look at it in action

  1. Visit CRM Settings from prime right corner underneath gear icon.

    Vtiger Google Calendar Sync Multi Language Settings

  2. Choose Manage Users by hovering over the gear icon
  3. Choose a User to edit the properties for the chosen user.
  4. Scroll down and choose your most well-liked language underneath language choice.
    Vtiger Google Calendar Sync Multi Language Spanish
  5. Select your language by typing or choosing from the list.
  6. As an example choose Spanish from the list and put it aside.
  7. Verify the changes in Vtiger Google Calendar Sync module

Here you’ll see a preview for Spanish languages as an example.

Also freshly updated Migration script is obtainable to existing customers for upgrading from previous versions.

Vtiger Google Calendar Sync Multi Language

Customers are requested to send request currently for 1.2.2 up gradation package with their order details through our helpdesk support portal.