Customize your login page for Vtiger CRM

Brand your CRM to make it a more professional look!. The new Vtiger Custom Login Page allows you to brand your Vtiger CRM with a better User Interface that everyone will like. Create a stunning login screen with a customized add-free login page with just a single click.

Custom LoginPage

In addition, you can use the ad-free login screen for the sake of security and improve your user experience on your Vtiger CRM. By adding this module to your Vtiger, you can totally customize the look of the login page. This means that the system administrator is able to update your company logo and theme. Now, let’s look at further features of this module.

Eliminate ads from the custom login screen

Vtiger is promoting their posts and news during the login process. Enhanced security and user experience will make you feel comfortable while working. The removal of ads from the login screen is more essential from a security perspective. By any chance, if the server hosting the ads is hacked, a hacker can simply grab each Vtiger community member’s URL, user name, and password using a tiny piece of javascript. It makes sense that this can be eliminated by removing ads. With this module, you can have an improved user experience with greater security. Also, you can add your company logo to your Vtiger CRM login page.

Vtiger custom login page

Predefined layout Design

In this custom login module, you have a default layout design. This module will help you customize your Vtiger Login Page to give your CRM a refreshing look. You can choose the layout which you want and activate it with just a single click. The available themes like Red fruit, Beach and Silver Coin. Provide a generic view with these elegant themes. Furthermore, it makes interacting with the User Interface a pleasant experience. Additionally, we can customize the theme according to your needs.

custom login themes

Easily accessible all in one place

Make your process as easy as you think! One of the improvements in this custom login module is that you can get the topmost Vtiger Products details here. By using this module, you can find more information about the Vtiger products in just a single click. Also if you want to buy our Vtiger product, just click on the Buy Now option. It saves your time by providing all in one place. There is no need for navigating to another tab. Everything is possible with one click in a matter of seconds.

Vtiger cutom login product details

Steps to make this module inactive

If you want to make this module inactive, you can do it in an easy manner. Just do it by navigating to Module Management >> Modules >> Disable the Checkbox of the Custom Login module. Once you uninstall this module, you won’t be able to change the login screen’s theme and logo of Vtiger CRM. If you want, you can activate it anytime by enabling the Custom Login Module.

uninstall Vtiger module

Wrap Up

I hope you gained some insight into the Vtiger Custom Login. Customize your Vtiger CRM branding and login page with the Vtiger Custom Login module. Download the module pack for Free. If you have questions about this module, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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