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Brand your CRM to make it a more professional look!. The new Vtiger Custom Login Page allows you to brand your Vtiger CRM with a better User Interface that everyone will like. Create a stunning login screen with a customized add-free login page with just a single click.

Custom LoginPage

In addition, you can use the ad-free login screen for the sake of security and improve your user experience on your Vtiger CRM. By adding this module to your Vtiger, you can totally customize the look of the login page. This means that the system administrator is able to update your company logo and theme. Now, let’s look at further features of this module.

Eliminate ads from the custom login screen

Vtiger is promoting their posts and news during the login process. Enhanced security and user experience will make you feel comfortable while working. The removal of ads from the login screen is more essential from a security perspective. By any chance, if the server hosting the ads is hacked, a hacker can simply grab each Vtiger community member’s URL, user name, and password using a tiny piece of javascript. It makes sense that this can be eliminated by removing ads. With this module, you can have an improved user experience with greater security. Also, you can add your company logo to your Vtiger CRM login page.

Vtiger custom login page

Predefined layout Design

In this custom login module, you have a default layout design. This module will help you customize your Vtiger Login Page to give your CRM a refreshing look. You can choose the layout which you want and activate it with just a single click. The available themes like Red fruit, Beach and Silver Coin. Provide a generic view with these elegant themes. Furthermore, it makes interacting with the User Interface a pleasant experience. Additionally, we can customize the theme according to your needs.

custom login themes

Easily accessible all in one place

Make your process as easy as you think! One of the improvements in this custom login module is that you can get the topmost Vtiger Products details here. By using this module, you can find more information about the Vtiger products in just a single click. Also if you want to buy our Vtiger product, just click on the Buy Now option. It saves your time by providing all in one place. There is no need for navigating to another tab. Everything is possible with one click in a matter of seconds.

Vtiger cutom login product details

Steps to make this module inactive

If you want to make this module inactive, you can do it in an easy manner. Just do it by navigating to Module Management >> Modules >> Disable the Checkbox of the Custom Login module. Once you uninstall this module, you won’t be able to change the login screen’s theme and logo of Vtiger CRM. If you want, you can activate it anytime by enabling the Custom Login Module.

uninstall Vtiger module

Wrap Up

I hope you gained some insight into the Vtiger Custom Login. Customize your Vtiger CRM branding and login page with the Vtiger Custom Login module. Download the module pack for Free. If you have questions about this module, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

How to Install Custom & Third-party Modules in Vtiger CRM

Install modules

Did you know that installing the custom modules in Vtiger CRM increases the efficiency of your business?

Yes. Vtiger CRM provides easy-to-access installation of extensions and third-party modules.

Before learning about the installation of custom & third-party modules let us learn about CRM, Vtiger CRM, Modules in Vtiger CRM, and the need to install the third-party module.


CRM is Customer Relationship Management. The name relies on the best customer relationship via customer acquisition and retention.

Customer acquisition is gaining new customers and customer retention is retaining or holding existing customers. The goal of CRM is simple: Improve the business relationship.

To achieve this goal we need CRM software as a tool to provide contact management, sales management, productivity, and more.

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is cloud-based software to help business owners to track all business processes. With this software, you can see a clear overview of your customer in one place. A simple and customizable dashboard can tell you the customer’s previous history with you, any outstanding customer issues, the status of their orders, and more.

You can also include information through their social media activity such as likes, dislikes, and comments on our competitors. Nowadays customers raise a question on one channel like Twitter and then switch to another channel say email or telephone to resolve the issue in private. Vtiger CRM  software allows you to manage inquiries across various channels without losing the track of your customer.

Vtiger CRM gives you the flexibility to create your basic modules, that is the custom module or the third-party module as per your business requirements.

Now there arises a question,

What is the need for customization?

Every business has its unique features. Right? It is hard to provide software that fits all business needs. So there is a need for customization.

What is Customization?

Customization is nothing but adoption. That is we can adapt or modify the business software to our specific business needs. For example, we can alter our clothes to fit ourselves. ( one size does not always fit all). So it is important to invest in the customization of Vtiger software to meet our requirements. The customized CRM software will complement your business progress and workflows. And this will also provide a solid foundation for your marketing, sales, and help desk team to forward efficiently.

Do you think it is hard to install custom & third-party modules for CRM?

No, Vtiger CRM makes it so easy to install custom modules with some easy steps.

Before learning how to install a custom module, we must know what the module is?

A module is a set of independent units that have similar characteristics. Like that CRM module is the set of records to store a particular type of information.

Here is an example of a module, that gives you a clear-cut explanation:

A famous trade show is held in a nearby convention center. You participate in the tradeshow and set up a counter to showcase your products. The prospects who are all interested can leave their names and contact information in the register to get a demo of your product.

Here, instead of using the register, you can store the information in a CRM record. Now you can create these records in the lead module of Vtiger CRM.

Likewise, there are several modules in Vtiger CRM. You can use different modules for different types of information. And yes, you can also create custom modules to meet your business needs as customization is the core possibility of Vtiger CRM. Adding a Vtiger custom module to the CRM software is a great way to extend your CRM  functionality, improve your team effectiveness and enhance your software.

Points to be remembered in creating the custom module

First, you need to provide some basic information about the module you are going to design which include

Hope you got an idea of what the custom & third-party modules are? Now we can learn how to install a custom module in a Vtiger CRM

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Steps to install a custom & third-party modules in Vtiger CRM 7. x


Login to your Vtiger CRM account. (Only the admin user can create or install a custom module). After logging in you can see the dashboard on the top left corner of the screen. On the dashboard go to the “Settings” icon at the bottom of the list.

Custom Modules

Step -2

Then click “CRM settings” in the sub-menu of the settings.


Third Party CRM


On the CRM settings page, click the “Module Management” tab in the left column of the page where you can see the option of Modules.

Install modules


Click “Modules”. This will take you to the module manager page.

Vtiger Modules


On the module manager page click “Import-Module from Zip” on the top right corner.

Install Vtiger


A new page will appear that asks you to choose the file that you want to import. Click the “Select from My Computer” to import the module zip file.

Custom Vtiger


Select and “Open” the files you want to import. Here we are using “PDF maker for Vtiger CRM” to be installed in this tutorial



Tick “I accept with a disclaimer and would like to proceed” and click the “Import” icon.

Vtiger Install


Verify the import details and then click “Import now”

Vtiger Modules

And That’s it. You have successfully imported a custom module in your Vtiger CRM. Finally, you got a confirmation message about importing the custom module.


Click the “Ok” button on the confirmation message that will lead you to the module manager where you can see your new installed module.

Install Custom Modules

So far we have learned the instructions to install Vtiger extensions for Vtiger 7. x. If you have Vtiger 6. x then the below instructions give the step-by-step explanation of installing extensions in Vtiger 6. x

Steps to install extensions or third-party modules in Vtiger 6. x

Step 1

Login to the Vtiger CRM account

Step 2

On the home page click “Settings” on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3

And then click “CRM settings” at the sub menu of Settings

Step 4

The CRM settings page will be displayed

Step 5

On the left column of the settings page click “Studio”

Step 6

Then click on the “Module Manager” icon

Step 7

Now you can see the “Install from Zip” icon at the bottom of the module management page.

Step 8

Then you click “Choose File” and upload the zipped file you want to import.

Step 9

Tick the “I accept with a disclaimer and would like to proceed” and click “Import”.

Step 10

Verify the Import details and tick the “Accept the license agreement”. Now click “Import Now”

After importing the custom modules your extension pack installation has not been completed. You need to verify the server requirements. For that:

Go to “Other settings” on the CRM settings page

There you find an extension pack as a submenu and click on it

The server requirement page will be displayed. Then click “Install”

It will run the automated check to find whether the prerequisites are met.

You have successfully installed the custom or third-party modules. Now you have to create an account to run or access all the extensions. Here are the steps to create an account:

Step 1

Go to “CRM Settings” on the settings tab

Step 2

On the CRM settings page click  “Other Settings” and then click “Extension List” on the sub-menu.

Step 3

The window will be displayed as “Login into the extension pack”

Step 4

On that window, click “Create new account”.

Once the new account is created you are able to start installing the extensions.

After you have successfully installed a custom module or extensions, you can activate/ deactivate the module as per your needs.

Steps to deactivate/disable the module

Step 1:Login to the Vtiger CRM account

Step 2:Click the User menu and scroll down to the bottom

Step 3:Click the settings icon

Step 4:On the settings page click Module management and then modules

Step 5:Disable the checkbox beside the module to disable it.

Step 6:You can easily enable it by enabling the check boxes beside the module.

In today’s market, there are many CRM software applications available. But they rarely provide the exact applications of your business needs. We the Smackcoders will install or customize your Vtiger CRM to fit your specific needs and niche. We will customize your Vtiger CRM software as per your specifications. Our team will work with you to meet your exact needs and customize the software to deliver.

We also have vast experience in Vtiger CRM custom module and extension development. Once the Vtiger version has come out, Vtiger Modules and Extensions are independent of Vtiger code and only a little effort can be applied to it. Either you need a Mailchimp or a PDF maker for Vtiger CRM we can accomplish that.

Our expertise Vtiger CRM Custom Development Team is capable of integrating and installing any third-party software with or without API with Vtiger CRM.

Check Our Vtiger Extensions Collection to Improve Productivity.

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