Vtiger CRM 6.5 – Migration made easy

Vtiger CRM has been updated with loads of new features and security fixes. We highly recommend you to move your CRM  to latest version to keep your personal and customer data more secure than before and take advantage of the new features added. The migration process is much simple. However, migrating your CRM requires much more care to upgrade without any data loss.

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This migration guide will help you get this done with ease.

Follow the step by step instruction to get your CRM migrated to Vtiger 6.5

Preliminary Backup:

  1. Take backup of your CRM folders and database.
  2. Download and unzip vtigercrm-6ab-6xy-patch.zip and vtiger6.zip from your Vtiger CRM root folder.
  3. Run http://yourcrmdomain/vtigercrm/migrate in your browser.

Migration steps:

  1. Check on the ‘I have taken the database backup’ and ‘I have taken the backup of source folder’.
  2. Fill the Username and Password with your CRM login access and click on Start Migration.Vtiger-migration-backup-check
  3. Database gets upgraded to the latest version, click on Next.Vtiger-Migration-confirmation
  4. Now the migration is completed successfully, click on Finish now your CRM is migrated to the latest Vtiger 6.5.


Hope you have migrated to Vtiger 6.5 successfully!

If you have any problem updating your CRM, you can check for the memory and time limit, because update requires lot of time and memory. You can try by increasing the limits in your config.inc.php file placed in <vtiger-root-path>/config.inc.php. You can refer PHP manual to know more about the time and memory limits.

Memory:  ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’512M‘);

Time: ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 600);

If you think not to upgrade your CRM, read on to know why you should upgrade to vtiger 6.5 and the benefits you get out of it.

If you need any assistance or further help in migrating your customized Vtiger CRM, you can write to us at [email protected]. You can also contact us through skype(smacksupport) for quick responses.

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