Vtiger 6 is now connected to Magento Store

January 8, 2014

For complete features and live demo details visit – https://www.smackcoders.com/vtigercrm-magento-connector.html

Now the new Vtiger Magento bidirectional Synchronization V2 2014 can sync your magento store data sets to your CRM with various features, controls and flexibility. From below image users can understand how magento store data integrates with CRM modules. Also it will explain how the modules are mapped together and what are not bidirectional. The cart data and store are uni directional. Other than that Products, Attributes, Sales, Invoices, Customers, Categories and Sub Categories are bidirectional to control.

Vtiger Magento Bidirectional Connector V2 2014 Features Map

As explained in above image magento cart data along with abandoned users are captured as quote in vtiger crm. So you can automate abandoned cart mail follow ups using VTiger workflows. Products with images and custom attributes are synced to vtiger product module. All related attributes are synced as custom fields of each product. Sales are synced to sales orders, invoice to invoice and customer with related data like invoices, orders etc to customer module. To add more flexibility store and categories are provide as custom build modules to ease up sales automation.

More to this Vtiger Magento bidirectional connector V2 2014 have variety of sync options unless like other products in market to have more control for different store types and sizes as wella sto improve the performance of sync without sacrificing the resources.

1. User enforced Manual Sync for frequent use

2. Cron based Smart Auto Sync for auto scheduled updates

3. Initial Batch Sync for large store data for first time sync ups.

4. Sync on Save or on the go transfer for active stores who maintain content regularly and single end control.

5. Initial Power Sync (under development)

Added to that Detailed Log provides details of the sync and Vtiger Magento bidirectional connector V2 2014 is highly portable to use and install means no core files are changed hence you are free to upgrade vtiger crm at anytime. There are more features are still pipeline and will be added regularly to ensure that our users get most out of our product. Some of the features are sync Pending Orders to Purchase Orders to track, Initial bulk power sync, News letter subscription,
Follow up mails for abandoned, Help desk as Customer portal, Mailchimp, Quickbooks and Xero integrations etc.

You can read more about our Vtiger Magento Connector features. If you need any help, you can email us at [email protected] or leave us a comments below.