Revealing the new version adorable features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Free & Pro

Glad to share that we have released an upgraded version for Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin. It comes up with more interesting features which are great treats for its existing and upcoming new users. After a long time of development in its functionality side, our team has released the updated version of Email Customizer. This release includes new features for both Pro & Free versions. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the new features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce that are revealed on May 25, 2021.

Revealing the new version features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Free & Pro

It’s About Branding

Branding your email template helps you leave a better impression among customers or people or audience about your organization or business. As the branding options are already available in the old version of Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin like adding Logo, social links, etc., But the new version features helps you maintain your brand standard by offering custom email templates for each event. Design easy and make emails shout about your brand.

Customizable Theme Templates

The plugin now provides support for theme templates for the inbuilt template events. Theme templates give an idea for designing branded email templates and helps you maintain consistency in brand emails. The theme templates for the supported inbuilt template event are available in both Order Based and Product/Category Based email templates. You can customize the designs easily by aligning the position by dragging and dropping it, editing fields settings like font family, field height and weight, background color, and more based on your need.

Design templates for Admins & Customers

You can now design templates for admins and users/customers. Email Customizer for WooCommerce helps you build email templates separately for your WordPress Admins and Users along with mail subject. This will send emails to both Admins and Users whenever a particular action is done on your WooCommerce store. For example, if a user submits a new order, then the new order submitted email will be sent to customers and new order received email will be sent to admins. Designing templates for both admins and users in any event using Email Customizer is also possible.

Craft New Templates from scratch

Like the old version feature of Email Customizer, you can design new email templates from scratch. Design elegant templates for WooCommerce Orders and Product/Category based emails using the elements in the draggable elements panel. It requires no coding for designing a template. Thus it makes Email Customizer for WooCommerce a better choice for crafting WooCommerce email templates. Managing email templates is also easy. You can either make the template active or deactivate it upon your preference.

Preview emails & Send Test Emails

To get the exact look and feel of the email design that you have planned in your mind, Email Customizer for WooCommerce lets you preview the designed email templates to look at the template design from the user’s perspective. You can also send test emails while you preview to any recipient address and ask for suggestions about your email template. This helps you build a stunning email template that fits your brand.

Editable Email Customizer Elements

You can use elements or fields like Header, Text area, Button, Divider, Disclaimer, Maintext, Image, Title, Social Links, Footer, Signature, Multiple Image, Image Text, Order Details and Customer Details. Just drag and drop the fields and start designing your template. You can edit the field settings by clicking on the edit icon inside the field. The most common editing features like font family, set position, background color, Set Height and Width. The fields can also be cloned if needed by selecting the duplicate icon if you want to use the same designs multiple times. Select the delete icon and delete the field you don’t need to include in the template design.

Plugin’s Premium & Free version Features

Here we have listed the features added in the Email Customizer for WooCommerce Free and Pro version separately.

Feature Highlights of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Pro v2.0:
  • Rebrand Email Templates for WordPress Users and WooCommerce Orders.
  • Create email templates for events like New account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, New Order, Completed Order, Product Delivered, On Hold Order, Failed Order, Cancelled Order, Processing Order, Refunded Order, Customer Invoice, and Note to Customer.
  • Customizable ten theme templates for each default event like New Account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, New Order, Completed Order, Product Delivered.
  • Create new templates for emails from scratch.
  • Create Order and Product/Category based templates.
  • Preview emails, and send test emails to any recipient address.
  • Send emails for both user and admin with different template designs.
  • Use fields or elements like Header, Textarea, Button, Divider, Disclaimer, Maintext, Image, Title, Social Links, Footer, Signature, Multiple Image, Image Text, Order Details, and Customer Details to design the templates. Additional fields added in this version are Multiple Image, and Image Text.
Feature Highlights of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Free v1.6:
  • Rebrand templates for events like New Account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, Product Delivered and Note to the Customer.
  • Support for 5 theme designs for each inbuilt event template.
  • Use all fields except Image Text.
  • Support for test mail option and send mail for both user and admin.

Start Designing The templates

Build templates without much effort for your WooCommerce Orders, or specific Products and Products within the same category. Make a design that makes your customers happy and leave a better impression about your product and brand.


Get the free plugin from and start designing elegant templates. Want all features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce, buy our premium plugin from here. Refer our documentation for further details about how to work with the plugin. Chat with us now at [email protected] and get clear of your doubts. We would be happy to assist you.

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