How to Update MarketPress Products to WordPress in 3 simple steps

August 16, 2016

MarketPress is one of the best eCommerce add-ons with most of the features inbuilt. Keeping your product data updated with latest Price, discount, etc., in regular intervals are difficult. It takes most of your time updating each record one by one. WP Ultimate CSV Importer will help you automate this mundane process. You can import, update and schedule the product data with additional fields like custom fields and SEO fields.

import products into marketpress

Follow the 3 steps to import your MarketPress products and variations. Sample MarketPress CSV files.

Step 1 : Upload MarketPress CSV/XML

You can upload your MarketPress Product data in CSV & XML in 4 different methods.

  • From Computer
  • Using FTP
  • From External Link
  • Files in the Server

Choose the file with anyone of the method and upload the file. Now, the Import & Update button will be enabled. If you upload the Products for the first time, choose Import. To edit and make changes with the existing Product, choose Update.

MarketPress CSV/XML Upload

If you choose to Update, follow the steps here. If not, skip to step 2. Now, you can choose the template to update the records. Click on Update in the corresponding row of the chosen template.

If you didn’t create any templates, No worries!. Nothing will stop you from import, you can choose Fresh update.

Update MarketPress Products

* Templates are predefined mappings created in step 2 of your previous import.

Step 2 : CSV Mapping with WordPress Fields

Here you can map the CSV header with their corresponding WordPress fields. The mapping can be done manually or you can automate by giving the CSV/XML Headers same as the Name of the WordPress fields given in square brackets [ ].

The mapping sections are grouped based on supported active plugins. WordPress fields, Terms/Taxonomies fields, eCommerce Meta fields and the supported third party plugin fields.

  • WordPress Fields – Default WordPress fields and WordPress custom fields.
  • Terms/Taxonomies Fields – Product category and Product tag field.
  • eCommerce Meta Fields – All the MarketPress Products and Variations fields.
  • In addition, active third party custom fields plugin or SEO plugins will be listed.

MarketPress Mapping Fields

After mapping all the required fields, you can save the mapping as a template.

Template’s Usage:

You must save the mapping as a template to Schedule the import process or update the same fields of different files.

Save Field Mapping

Click on Next to view mapping summary.

  • If you are updating the file, the mapping will be displayed based on the template chosen.
  • If the the CSV/XML header is same as the WordPress field names given in square brackets [ ], it will be mapped automatically.
  • If the Product status(Post status) is not mapped, the default value Publish will be set.
  • If the date is not in the standard php date format, the Date will be set to current date.

Step 3 : Import or Schedule MarketPress Products & Variations

Now you can choose to Import right now or Schedule it for future publish. If you didn’t save the mapping as a template in step 2, you can’t schedule.

a. Instant Import:

Import right away lets you to import at the time of the import process. You can make the import smooth by giving number of server requests based on your server environment.

  • Duplicate detection with Product title and Product content
  • Import specific rows of CSV or specific record in XML.
  • Inline and featured image import, Upload the zip containing the images.
  • Rename the image from the external source with the product title.


b. Schedule:

Schedule enables you to import the product at a specified date and time. You can update the file in your FTP or external link location, the importer will take care of the rest periodically. You can set to import one time, weekly, monthly, hourly, 30mins, etc.,. You can specify the time and the specific records to be imported.

Schedule MarketPress Import

After choosing import or schedule, you can proceed with the file insertion in your WordPress website. You can terminate and continue the process any time. In the real-time log generated you can view the Admin and Web view of each imported product.

Advanced Option:

Image import with shortcodes. If you need to upload the image in bulk, you can go for this. You need to tweak your CSV/XML a bid.

a. Inline Image:

Image within the product content. You need to replace the image tag() with this shortcode in your CSV or XML file.

b. Featured Image:

Product Image. You need to specify the featured image with this shortcode instead of specifying image URL.

Place all the images and make a zip and upload it in step 3. After completing step 3, Goto Managers → Image shortcodes → Populate.

You can learn more about import and export of MarketPress products, and other additional features in our product page and documentation. Feel free to write to us for any assistances or enhancements at [email protected].