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We are excited to announce that a new version of WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Plugin is released today. Unveiling WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro version 6.4 has come up with so many new features and we resolved many existing issues noted in the plugin. Smackcoders has been offering WordPress product development services, CRM development services, web development services, all types of open source system services, and more for years. Based on the changing technologies every day, the development team continuously develops products to match the latest compatibility. To fulfill existing and new customer business demands, we have released WordPress CSV/XML Importer Pro plugin with many new features and below we have explained in a detailed way.

Features added in WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin

Two delimiter Support for the Product Image Gallery Field

Currently, more than 5+ million WordPress users are running their website with the WooCommerce plugin. WordPress CSV/XML Import/Export plugin is already packed with a bulk of features to push the data into various fields created using the WooCommerce plugin. WP CSV Importer/Exporter plugin offers the option to import and export the WooCommerce Products, Categories, Attributes, Coupons, and Orders fields data in just one go. If you are an existing customer, you already know CSV/XML Importer Pro plugin supports pipe(|) delimiter for the multiple images import(product image gallery field). In the new 6.4 version release, we have added support for both the comma(,) and pipe(|) values to import gallery images.

Delete posts not available in your CSV file

One of the exciting features added to this WP Ultimate CSV/XML Import and Export plugin is the delete feature. In the WordPress CSV/XML Importer plugin settings page, enable the option by clicking “delete data from WordPress” like shown in the image below.


On enabling the option, you can delete the posts that are not available in the CSV file on the go. Delete functionality will work for the Posts, Pages, Users, Custom Posts, Categories, Custom Taxonomies, and WooCommerce records. If you disable this option, no records get deleted after completing the import or update.

Update user records based on user_login name

WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer Pro plugin offers WordPress Users field data updates. In our previous version release Importer plugin was packed with the support to update the field records based on the Email ID or WordPress user ID. In the latest 6.4 version release, WordPress CSV/XML Import and Export plugin gives you an extra option to update the records based on the user_login field. To update the Record based on the user_login field, you have to keep the user_login field in your CSV/XML file as a header, map in the mapping section, and choose user_login like shown in the below image

update-records-based-on user-login-csv-importer-6.4

Delete your Export templates

WP Ultimate CSV Import and Export plugin offers export support for post types, custom fields, users, WooCommerce sections, custom post types, custom taxonomies, reviews, and more. You can save a unique export template in the plugin to use later. The created template is possible to delete using the previous version plugin. Now WordPress CSV Importer/Exporter plugin offers a delete feature for the users to delete it if not needed. If a user deletes the existing template, it will help the same user easy to manage and edit the new templates.


WPML Translation support for Pages

WordPress CSV/XML Importer plugin enables the support to push the multilingual content into the WordPress website. In the previous version, options are available to import and update the multilingual data into the Custom Post types, Default Posts, and WooCommerce Products. With WP CSV/XML Importer 6.4 version release, you can import the CSV/XML file data into the multilingual pages.

Pods Relationship data Import/Export

WordPress CSV/XML Import/Export plugin supports data importing into the Pod’s custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies. The Relationship Field data import/export support is not available in the early releases. WP Ultimate CSV/XML Importer plugin is now compatible with the relationship fields data import, so all the post types or WooCommerce products related to the other post types can be imported using our plugin.

Separate widget for product attributes

WordPress CSV/XML Importer Pro plugin offers import/export and update support for the WooCommerce Products, WooCommerce Variations, images, categories, orders, tags, coupons, attributes data, and more. When a WordPress user tries to import attribute name and attribute value in the WooCommerce using WordPress CSV/XML Importer plugin, seven fields are mandatory. The names of those fields are product_attribute_name, product_attribute_value, product_attribute_visible, product_attribute_variation, product_attribute_position, and product_attribute_taxonomy. If a person who tries to perform import or update operation misses anyone of the field in the CSV or XML file, the attribute data import doesn’t get populated into the WooCommerce store.


As our earlier version plugin shows these fields for mapping under the product meta fields widget, customers found it difficult for the attributes data import. With this 6.4 version release, WordPress CSV/XML Pro plugin users get the option to view the new widget for the attributes. And it will make the users find the attribute fields and map the CSV/XML headers on the go.

Wrapping Up

WP Ultimate CSV Importer has lot more features that meets your requirement for importing and exporting data to WordPress. If you want to know more about WP Ultimate CSV Importer, Buy WP Ultimate CSV importer Pro. If you haven’t purchased the plugin yet, you can buy the plugin from WordPress CSV Importer. If you are an existing user, you can upgrade to the new version directly by visiting the My Account page. Have any queries, feel free to write to us at [email protected].

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