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WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 6.3.2 – Now Fully Functional with Toolset Types version 3.4.x

We’re happy to announce that WP Ultimate CSV Importer is fully-functional with Toolset Latest Version 3.4.x.

Toolset creates the possibility that anyone can build their own dream website without altering the raw code of WordPress. You can create dynamic websites with Toolset Types by creating Custom Post Types, Custom Relationships, Custom Fields and Custom Taxonomies. CSV Importer integration with Toolset Types enables toolset plugins users to easily import their content on the website.

Creating professional website with Toolset Types

You can create your own post types alongside the default WordPress Post Types like Post and Pages. CPT aka Custom Post Types is useful to separate data into manageable sections on the website. This helps WordPress users to comfortably manage the data on the backend. Creating Custom Post Types lets website visitors easily navigate your website pages. Toolset Types custom fields are helpful to provide the structure to the content.

CSV Importer and Toolset Integration

WP Ultimate CSV Importer supports importing Toolset custom fields data, taxonomy data, post relation data, Intermediate post data, and Repeatable Field Group data. You can simply prepare a CSV file and import the Toolset Custom Fields into WordPress by following the steps explained in this documentation. Exporting the Toolset fields data can also be done with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. You can export data in different formats with advanced filters. Use the link here to know about how to export data with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

Modifications in Toolset Database tables

Toolset redesigned its Types database table in the version 3.4 to speed up the performance and to provide better support for WPML sites. After modifications done in the Toolset Types DB structure, our plugin users faced the difficulty in importing data to Toolset Types fields. We have overcome this now with the great effort of our developers by renovating the plugin code for Toolset Types fields import.

Support added for Toolset Latest Versions

If you upgraded to the latest Toolset Types version, worry not, WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro version 6.3.2 is now compatible with it. You can do the below process with the CSV Importer plugin:

  • Import, Update, and Export Custom Fields data.
  • Import, Update, and Export Relationship data (One to One, One to Many, Many to Many relations).
  • Import, Update, and Export Intermediate Relationship posts.
  • Import, Update, and Export Repeatable Field Group data.
  • Import, Update, and Export Custom taxonomies data.

We also added the following features in this CSV Importer version 6.3.2 release

  • Option to create the intermediate post in the database while importing the relationship data with many to many combinations.
  • Options to update the relations in the existing intermediate relationship posts.

Feedback? Need Help?

Hope this would be a great treat for Toolset Types plugin users, who can now use WP Ultimate CSV Importer with the latest version of Toolset Types. To know more about how to import/export/update with CSV Importer, read our product documentation. If you have any suggestions or feedback, or have any queries, write to us on [email protected].

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