Ultimate CSV Importer: Added Compatibility for All In One SEO plugin Free v4.1.0.2

CSV Importer eases your website building tasks. It optimizes your website data by importing SEO fields for your WordPress content. All In One SEO plugin is a widely used SEO plugin, by over 2 million website owners. Besides, AIOSEO is one of the most popular SEO Plugins for WordPress. Its free version has enough features to optimize your website for search engines. CSV Importer Plugin already provides support for importing AIOSEO fields data. But in the latest release, we have upgraded the plugin to support AIOSEO Free version​


Data Import features for AIOSEO plugin

WP Ultimate CSV Importer provides Import support for the AIOSEO plugin. Import SEO fields along with WordPress Posts, Pages, Custom Posts, and WooCommerce data. Import metadata for posts SEO fields to find your article for the particular keyword. Know more about AIOSEO free version features.

What's New?

On the latest release, we have added compatibility for WordPress version 5.7.1 and AIOSEO latest version AIOSEO has recently modified its core SEO table structure. We have modified the import and export structure in the plugin. That is to say, we adjusted the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin for the AIOSEO plugin. This feature is available in our Free pack, Premium pack, Custom Fields Pro pack, and Exporter pack.

How to Import AIOSEO fields data in CSV Importer

Importing your SEO fields data into WordPress is simple by following these steps:

  • 1. Upload the CSV/XML file
  • 2. Mapping the CSV/XML file fields
  • 3. Configure Media Handling section
  • 4. Fast Import data in one click

Upload the CSV/XML file

Before starting to upload the file in CSV Importer, make your file ready. In other words, prepare a proper CSV file or XML file saved with the .csv or .xml extension. To create a CSV file you can use any spreadsheet editors like MS-Excel, and Open Office Calc. You can also use the test CSV files here.

You can also get the sample CSV or XML of your website content, try exporting with our exporter.

Visit the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin menu once done with the plugin installation. Then start uploading the CSV/XML file. Ultimate CSV Importer allows uploading files from different locations. That is to say, you can upload from your local desktop, FTP/SFTP, external URLs, and server. Upload the file from your desired location. Next, choose the option 'New item' to update new data otherwise use 'Existing items'. Then choose your import data type from the dropdown. For example, choose 'Posts' to import data into WordPress Posts.

Mapping the CSV/XML file fields

The mapping fields will load based on your import record data selection. Moreover, mapping file fields with WordPress lets data import in the right location. This makes sure your data import took place in the location you specified for the fields. WP Ultimate CSV Importer has two mapping modes: Advanced mode and Drag 'n' Drop mode. Advanced mode allows mapping the WordPress fields to the appropriate CSV/XML fields. The Drag 'n' Drop mode gives the file header and its values preview. You can map the fields by simply dragging the header fields and drop them in the desired field.

Configure Media Handling section

You can import inline and featured images to your WordPress by enabling this section. In other words, it lets you import bulk images along with Posts, Pages, WooCommerce, or other post types. Enable the media handling option if you use any external images in your CSV file. So that you can import those images into WordPress. This gives you control over the image sizes to import on WordPress. You can also configure SEO fields for images if you add any. Image SEO fields like Image Title, Image Caption, Image Alt Text, and Image Description.

Fast Import data in one click

Reduce your manual effort by using this WP Ultimate CSV Importer. To clarify, importing your WordPress data with WP Ultimate CSV Importer is very easy. You can either instantly import data or schedule it to run later. Click the 'Import' button to quickly import the data. Otherwise enable the 'Do you want to schedule this Import?' option and specify the time, date, and frequency to set up your import process.

Export AIOSEO Plugin data

Export AIOSEO plugin data along with Posts, Pages, Custom Posts, and WooCommerce data. Firstly, start by choosing the module you want to export in the Export section. After that, provide the export file name, and choose the export file type. WP Ultimate supported file formats for exporting are CSV, XLS, XML, and JSON. Meanwhile, enable certain conditions in the advanced filters to export data. Thus exporting data must meet specific conditions. Export data with auto delimiters, specific period, author or category and so on. Check our documentation to know more

Conclusion point

Import and export your AIOSEO fields data easily with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Using this plugin optimizes your website content for readers and search engines. We are happy to assist you. If you have any queries, write to us at [email protected]

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