Top Essential Extensions Required For Vtiger CRM


Customer Relationship Management(CRM) becomes an irreplaceable software for enhancing customer relationships. And it  increases organizational effectiveness.

CRM modules play a vital role in the growth of CRM software. There are a lot of basic CRM modules like leads, marketing, workflow, and more.

These modules are generally used to manage and maintain effective customer relationships with the company. And also increase sales growth.

Many exclusive extensions are available to enhance the process of CRM software. These extensions will be chosen based on your business needs. And all modules are required for Vtiger CRM.

Every business does not have the same requirements. The CRM extensions are made for CRM software based on your business needs.

Using these extensions you can,

  • Increase your profitability
  • Track your customers
  • Find and analyze your target audiences
  • Maintain their data, and more.

Simply, CRM extensions are the heart and brain of CRM software. CRM not only bridges the gap between the sales and the marketing team. But also makes all the team, work under a unifying goal.

Basic Modules in Vtiger CRM

Before learning the top essential extensions of Vtiger CRM. You need to know the basic inbuilt modules. It provide structure to the CRM software.

Following are the basic modules of the Vtiger CRM

  • Lead
  • Marketing
  • Workflows
  • Apps marketplace
  • Reports
  • Content repository


It is the first and basic module of CRM. Leads are nothing but the number of opportunities that turn out to be a customer. It is analyzed and managed by pipeline management.

Note that every incoming lead is not a customer. But every customer is a lead first. You can capture leads through various marketing channels. This include email, telephone and social media.

You capture a lead from any marketing channel, the lead module stores all the information. And keeps it organized.

And also it tracks the accurate status of the lead. Thus it is very helpful to the sales manager to check the sales operations from one place.


This module helps in showcasing your business through an email campaign. And also analyze the names of the marketing campaign with the present status.

Marketing modules involve analyzing click-throughs, likes, and dislikes for email campaigns.

Using that review you can easily understand how your marketing campaign has reached out. And what further modifications are needed.

This module changes the lead to prospects.


The Workflow module automates the sales process.

Example, pipeline management system.

Here when a lead flows, then the workflow module sets up automation for the salesperson. It will cater to the lead’s interests.

The process of the workflow module is explained through the if-else condition.

If the customer completes a new activity.

Or if the customer has shown interest in your product.

Then engage them with email by highlighting your product.

Otherwise if the customer does not pick up your follow-up call, assign a task as wait for three days. 

The workflow module helps you to gather all the workflows in one place. This module changes the prospects of opportunity.

Apps - Marketplace

This module makes the CRM software integrate with the connectors. It includes Facebook, lead ads connectors, and the marketplace like Just Dial and more.

It includes various social media and other marketing channels. And collects all the information of the leads in one place.


The reports modules gather all the reports in one place. You can make use of any report at any time without much effort. The reports include revenue, administrative, customer insights, customer analysis, and many more.

And you can also collect the frequently used reports as a separate section using this module.

So it is easy to create customized reports. All sales and marketing growth data can analyze in one place.

Content Repository

This module collects all the images and the documents. You can easily access it at any time.

These are the basic modules of CRM software. Now you have to learn how to put in place the use of these modules for the benefit of your sales growth.

What do you need to do?  Simple. Install an extension or custom modules that meet your business needs.

Surely it will make a tremendous positive impact on your business. Here we are analyzed and provide the top essential extensions that need to install in Vtiger CRM. We will discuss them one by one

Top Essential Extensions for Vtiger CRM

1. Vtiger MailChimp Plus


MailChimp is marketing automation and email marketing software. It creates an email campaign for your business needs. And manages your mailing lists in an efficient way.

We know Vtiger CRM software has efficient inbuilt modules. Inbuilt modules include leads, marketing, workflow, etc. It will provide better customer relationships.

Here Vtiger MailChimp Plus is an integration of MailChimp software and Vtiger CRM. You can get the double benefit.

The features of MailChimp are integrated with the Vtiger CRM. It makes the effective use of the leads, and workflows. In an effective way, it will bridge the gap between the clients and the customers.

Need for integrating MailChimp with Vtiger CRM

  • There is much benefit in syncing the MailChimp with the Vtiger. MailChimp Plus improves the Vtiger CRM as an advanced marketing tool with its features. Now we will learn how the integration works? And that will explain the importance of MailChimp Plus.
  • From the MailChimp marketing lists, you can get the audiences as a lead and contacts of Vtiger CRM
  • MailChimp provides the email templates for drafting emails. And run an extensive email campaign.
  • You can prepare configured lists for whom the emails are to send. And the user can automate the sending process.
  • You are able to send emails to a particular batch with a particular time interval.

Synchronization(sync) is the main thing.

It plays a vital role in the integration of MailChimp with the Vtiger CRM.

MailChimp Plus allows the CRM contacts, leads, and accounts to sync with the MailChimp. The email campaigns from Vtiger CRM run effectively with the automated workflow-based data.

Let us discuss, How the MailChimp and the Vtiger CRM are synced?

  • The mailing lists are bi-directionally synced. This means the mailing lists of MailChimp are synced with the contacts, leads, and accounts of the Vtiger CRM and vice versa.
  • After the mailing lists are saved to the Vtiger, it syncs the tags, segments, webhooks, groups, and groupings to the MailChimp.
  • The email campaigns of MailChimp and the campaign of Vtiger are bi-directionally synced
  • The selective records from Vtiger are synced to MailChimp

Main Features of MailChimp plus

  • With Mailchimp Plus you can easily create MailChimp. And also lists, groups, groupings, and campaigns within the Vtiger CRM.
  • You can create, edit and delete segments. And also webhooks, tags, groups, and groupings for the list in Vtiger CRM.
  • It is easy to remove or delete the MailChimp lists you created in the Vtiger CRM.
  • You can track the monthly growth history of your mailing lists right away from your Vtiger CRM.
  • After every record sync, you can able to view logs
  • You can view the MailChimp campaign, opens, bounce, unsubscribe, and more.
  • Many MailChimp user account is not needed
  • You can secure the connection between the MailChimp and the Vtiger CRM. With the help of MailChimp API of version 3 you can secure the connection.
  • As it is multi-lingual it provides support for 14 languages.
  • It uses Automatic field Mapping. With this the MailChimp field is auto-map with the Vtiger fields
  • You can control how often MailChimp and Vtiger need synchronization
  • Without switching to the MailChimp account you can able to view all the lists. and campaigns of MailChimp inside the Vtiger CRM

Then waiting for what? Start using this amazing extension of Vtiger CRM – MailChimp Plus

2. Vtiger CRM QuickBooks Integration


Vtiger CRM QuickBooks Integration involves the synchronization of accounting information and CRM.

It syncs products, vendors, sales orders, and invoices both manually and automatically.  The records with particular status are synced to Quickbooks.

If the fields are the same. Then it fetches the mapping templates of invoices, Quotes, and sales order modules. And then applies them to others.

After every failure or successful sync, it provides an email notification.

What can you do with Vtiger CRM QuickBooks integration? What are the benefits of Vtiger CRM Quickbooks Integration? Here it is.

  • Your invoices, products, and services are managed right from your Vtiger CRM
  • Prevent logging in to get account information as it is synced with Vtiger CRM.
  • It is easy to get details of your closed deals to your sales manager and follow up easily from Vtiger CRM.
  • It gets easy accesses to customer invoices, sales orders, vendors, and products.
  • It has instant, manual, and scheduled synchronization.
  • It is easy to map the Vtiger CRM fields with the Quick book fields using the field mapping
  • It schedules the sync process using CRON
  • It provide constant updates of records. With this, you can control the scheduled list on time
  • Thus it makes easy access to updated information without much effort.
  • It is easy to analyze the detailed history of the individual records

Install the Vtiger CRM QuickBooks Integration. This means you no longer to be in line all the time to know about the synchronization information. Because you will get a synchronization report right inside your inbox.

 And you can trigger instant notification either, weekly or monthly.

This Vtiger CRM QuickBooks integration saves much time for the user by syncing the account information and bridging the two apps. With a single click, you can update all the CRM  info in the Quick books. 

If you are interested to install this exclusive extensions to advance your Vtiger CRM just click Vtiger Quickbooks Integration

3. Vtiger CRM Google Calendar Sync

Vtiger CRM Calendar Sync

Is it possible to track and organize all your activities in real-time?

And also in bidirectional?

Yes, this extension makes it possible. And Synchronization is also automated and more secure. 

Here, Vtiger CRM is integrated with the Google Calendar. This Vtiger CRM Google Calendar Sync uses many google calendars.

Meetings, calls, and mobile calls are mapped in different Calendars. The record created in a meeting Calendar will be updated as an Event Activity meeting in your Vtiger CRM.

The call activity recorded in your CRM will be updated directly to the google calendar.

After mapping each activity a synchronization occurs. A simple CRON setup is used for bidirectional and automatic synchronization.

This extensions synchronizes the Vtiger CRM and the Google Calendar. The event date filter is used to sync the events from a specified date.

Using a mapping option, You can set event type, priority, and event status

You can enable or disable automatic event sync for Vtiger CRM to Google calendar.

If you want to be up-to-date with your meetings, reminders, and schedules. Without switching between many apps use this module in your Vtiger CRM.

Stop worrying about the event’s visibility. Is it hard in remembering many events, activities, and reminders at any location? Then start switching to Vtiger Google Calendar Sync

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4. Vtiger CRM Smart Duplicate Merger


This Vtiger CRM Smart Duplicate Merger prevents duplicate data in Vtiger CRM. And  maintain the CRM Clean.

It makes it easy to detect duplicate data and merge it with the primary data.

  • First, you need to choose any unique CRM fields. With this detect the duplicates.
  • This extension detects the human-made errors. This includes typos, and spelling mistakes. And also different formatting error that makes duplicate records in your Vtiger CRM
  • It efficiently compares this error with the existing data.
  • It effectively compares the duplicate data between leads, contacts and accounts. It also detects duplicates in any other custom module. It uses the brilliant duplication detection rule.
  • You can have the control over where to check the duplicate entries
  • The CRON is set up at a particular interval of time. So that the automatic synchronization of duplicate check occurs.
  • If there appears any duplicate records, they will be merged with the primary records. And without losing any data.
  • When bulk uploads, you can manually trigger synchronization to avoid duplicate records.
  • It is very easy for any salesman to find duplicate records and merge with the help of this duplicate merger.
  • Primary data is the record with which the salesman needs to merge the duplicate data
  • To update any new data in a CRM, then this smart duplicate checker has a pop-up notification. And detect the duplicate records

Do you want to improve your CRM data accuracy without any repeated records? then go with this amazing Vtiger CRM Smart Duplicate Merger.

5. Vtiger CRM Xero Integration

Vtiger Xero

Vtiger CRM is software that improves business operations. It converts the leads to the customers.

And Xero accounting software controls the business accounts and completes the cash flow visibility.

Both software is used across the world. Vtiger CRM Xero integration  integrates Vtiger CRM and Xero software.

So that the user does not need to skip between the accounting software and the CRM software.

Working Process of Vtiger CRM Xero Integration

  • The User can get the Xero API to configure the Vtiger CRM and start the data sync.
  • The data sync occurs bi-directionally.
  • It syncs the invoices, accounts, organization, products, and services. It syncs from Xero software to the Vtiger CRM and vice-versa.
  • After every sync, you will receive the notifications right to your email inbox.
  • Data synchronization of this module speeds up the billing process, invoices, and payment.


  • With the help of field mapping, the CRM fields and the appropriate Xero fields are mapped.
  • The secured API secures the connection between the Xero accounting software and the Vtiger CRM.
  • Using CRON, you can schedule the task to avois manual interventions
  • Synchronize invoice, organization, products, and services from Xero to Vtiger CRM. And it is vice versa(Bi-directional)
  • You will sync accounts in a single way only (from Xero alone)
  • You will get an email notification on the status of sync.
  • You can send all or selected records, and selected invoices to Xero.
  • You can use logs to know the details of synchronization. And queue to know all your sync that are scheduled.

Dealing with accounting software takes much time and effort. To avoid this condition there exists Vtiger CRM Xero integration.

This extension reduces the information gap between Vtiger CRM and Xero Software. Get this Vtiger Xero Integration here

6. Best PDF maker for Vtiger CRM


It is hard to create and manage the PDF documents inside CRM modules.

To  ease this process, you can install the PDF maker for Vtiger CRM.  was designed. This extension helps you to create, manage and export the PDF documents inside the CRM modules.

You can design your own templates like header, footer, and the body of the content.

You can add your company product and organization-related info without much effort.

You can edit the pre-defined templates for  sales order, Quotes, and invoice modules. 

You can send this PDF to your clients via email inside the CRM is an added advantage. You can export the PDF to your  local machines also.

You can export a complete PDF or some set of information. That is you can send even particular information in a PDF.

You can edit your designed template at any time even at the time of export. Along with your PDF, you can send images as well as documents.

You can easily create PDF templates, customize page orientation.  And you can also manage the exportation of PDF within the CRM using this Best PDF maker for Vtiger CRM. 


Now it’s your turn to install this exclusive Vtiger extensions based on your business needs. It will definitely improve your customer interaction with the modern technology.


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