Top 3 add-ons your CRM Must-Have

May 11, 2018

Customer Satisfaction is the lifeblood of every business. Luckily these days, CRM tools make this possible to better engage with our customers and to maintain all our customer info in one place.


Regardless of what sort of business you run, CRM helps for better engagement with your prospects. But, what about your other works? Like, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. To get all this done, all of us need to equip ourselves with a different set of third-party tools. Even though it is helpful in achieving all our goals, the information scattered in different sources will also create an yet another source distraction. So how we can solve this?

With some key integration, to integrate the third-party applications with the CRM. There are tons of add-ons available and might prove to be confusing for you to choose the right one. Here we have listed the top 3 add-ons that your CRM “MUST-HAVE”.

Email Marketing

If you’re in the habit of running different email campaigns every week, then you will definitely come across with this, missing out some the important customer information in your mailing list? This is because of maintaining two different set of customer list one in your CRM and the other in your Marketing tool. A good add-on that connects your Email Marketing tool and CRM, will help you to keep contact information in sync. So no longer need to so double data entry and easily maintain an accurate mailing list without much effort.


Finally, you won a deal and sent all the required payment-related information to your customers. But your customer has some queries, now he approaches the support, team? By the time, your support agents need to juggle between your CRM and Accounting software. That’s why a connector add-on is necessary to bridge your CRM and Accounting Software.


Isn’t that cool greeting all your customers by their name whenever an incoming call is received? And How productive it would be if you make a call at a single click? Or have the ability to automatically log call recordings right inside your contact records? All this and even more can be done when you connect your CRM with a telephony integration.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for our next post.