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features in Xero Software

We are explaining in below Top 10 features in Xero Software. As you know Accounting platforms like Xero are the most widely used software across the world. This software is primarily used for businesses. Xero is a program designed to count expenses and invoices for small and medium businesses. There is no additional software required to use Xero. Most importantly, All you need is a browser running on a PC or Mac connected to the internet. 

Features of Xero

Vtiger to Xero Integration

Firstly, you can connect your Vtiger CRM to Xero so records can be synced between Xero and Vtiger bidirectionally. Secondly it was very easy waty to you can sync Organizations, Products and Invoices bidirectionally and accounts in a single way from Xero accounting software. However Enhance the security of the sync operations using Xero API credentials. Thirdlyt the integration of Vtiger Xero helps you streamline invoices, payments and billing processes. Most importantly It was a great accounting software for your Vtiger CRM. Moreover complete opensource platforms. Please visit our CRM Extensions. 

Synchronization process

Vtiger Xero Integration allows you to synchronize accounts customers, invoices, products and services. As a result this module will allow you to sync all or selected records from Vtiger CRM to Xero. Additionally you can schedule your records or perform an instant sync without manual intervention. Moreover synchronize all records according to the selected record and the record’s status. It was a great features in Vtiger CRM and Xero Software Sync. And also we can get all customers invoices sales and accouting reports.


The Vtiger CRM fields need to be mapped to Xero accounting fields before the syncing process is performed. You can design your mapping templates for Vtiger modules according to your needs. Default common fields are automatically mapped. You’ll receive notifications for synchronizing records between Vtiger CRM and Xero via email. Moreover you can trigger the notifications instantly or every day, every week or every month.


Using Logs you can see all the records that have been synced between Vtiger CRM and Xero accounting software. Moreover Queue shows the records that have been successfully synced the records. Similarly that have failed and the records that are scheduled. In accordance with the queue order failed records will be resynchronized. And also the queue will let you maintain all the scheduled record synchronization processes and you can audit the synchronization workflow.


Have a Great Day today reading this blog will provide you with an insight into Vtiger Xero Integration. Xero can be integrated with your CRM in just a few steps to manage your accounting workflow. Moreover if you want buy our products checkout our products. We have explained Xero Software features. It will really helpful for your accouting app. Let’s start today.

Above all we hope you get enough details for Top 10 features in Xero Software. In conclusion to learn more about Vtiger Xero Integration please visit Vtiger Xero integration. If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

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