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The New JoForce 1.5 : Global Search, Kanban and more

Your business is changing every minute that passes. New Leads are arriving, new contacts are generated, and customers are creating support tickets.

It’s hard to keep a pulse on your CRM’s data growth.

With JoForce 1.5, you can now keep track of the progress in each module with a colorful kanban view.

As a CRM user, you can easily locate any required data and watch all the activity taking place in the CRM as it happens.


Features in JoForce CRM like Google Maps, Kanban, extended Notifications,etc., listing in a circular view around JoForce

Easily find what you need

Everything in JoForce is now searchable. With the new global search tool, you can find anything within the CRM. The results list all the occurrences of the search keyword across CRM modules.

JoForce CRM showing results according to the search in global search settings

Streamline sales flow with Kanban

The Kanban view in JoForce helps you to visualize and forecast your sales pipeline. You can easily drag and drop the records between sales stages as you move forward to the next stage. Now, you can set up the kanban view for all modules to get a more holistic view of sales, marketing, projects, etc,. with a colorful user interface. And the added details of a record in each stage of the pipeline can help you picturize the flow at a glance.

Configuring Products module and its related records in kanban view settings of JoForce CRM

Never miss a notification again

The global notification is seamless across the modules, intended to keep you notified on all the changes made within the CRM. And a minor, but useful feature on marking all the notification as read helps you ignore the alert once it is read.

Notifications showing in the dashboard of JoForce CRM 1.5

Additional Features in JoForce 1.5

Less friction in address filling

Start typing the address information of your CRM users, and JoForce completes it with the exact location. The addresses are auto-filled with the accuracy of Google Maps.

Send emails with attachments

It’s now possible with JoForce to send emails with attachments to customers. You can also send the documents via email by relating files from CRM or from your desktop.

UI renovation

All the required fields are grouped into categories. You can now fill out the fields you needed and thereby efficiently manage your precious time.

Improvements in JoForce

  • Unwanted scrolls have been removed
  • Fixed issue in uploading company logo
  • Modified installation process to make it smoother.
  • Fixed issues in relating records between modules

Hurry up now to get all the updated features. You can directly download from the link below to upgrade or start using JoForce

Download JoForce

If you want to know more about JoForce 1.5, you can check out the product information in or leave us your comments below, we will help you with all your queries.

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