The Complete Beginner’s Guide of SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM Open Source is a free Customer Relationship Management application. In addition, it comes with extendable features at minimal cost. Moreover, it provides a comprehensive view of your business. Most importantly, a view of how your customers helping for the growth of your company. Further, SuiteCRM is also one of the most popular forks of SugarCRM. Above all, it is still maintaining its source code open for the developers. To clarify, anyone can change the codes for updating the application.


Business getting rid of traditional paper documents evolved the industry to another step. In other words, they started to switch from excel sheets to an open-source suitecrm. Henceforth, Open Source CRM is the widely used customer relationship management system. Further, its flexible nature made people to practice throughout the world. Moreover, this article is a complete beginners guide of free open source SuiteCRM. In fact, know its broad strategies for conversions, sales and additional key characteristics.

SuiteCRM is the best free open source crm choice for every business level. Additionally, you get a full perspective of your customer data. First, know the detailed information about open source SuiteCRM. In fact, it includes its origin, unlimited access for free users. Moreover, multiple sources of customer information. Thereafter, integration of various teams in a single roof CRM, etc,. Besides, some of its prime features are further customized and collaborated. In addition, they are also automated and extended qualities of third-party integrations. Truly, it's installation procedure is easy unlike other software or applications. That is to say, you can install with minimum system requirements and PHP extensions. Of course, install and configure SuiteCRM by following the tested procedures.

The open source SuiteCRM application provides many customer-centric free and paid features. Indeed, one of the significant advantages is the automation of email marketing tools. SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration automates your email marketing campaign. Therefore, you can improve your conversion rates and raise your business sales. Moreover, integrate this user-friendly extension by just a drag and drop. To clarify, this CRM options are really easy to use.

1.2.1. Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integration on your SuiteCRM application saves a lot of your time. Additionally, it saves your efforts of the marketing and sales team. Further, synchronizing your Subscribers and mailing list in SuiteCRM is possible. Moreover, it helps to manage your campaigns in an effective way. Besides, sending targeted emails for a specific campaign is also possible. Further, marketing and sales managers can track the leads to be followed. Truly, track the number of opportunities available in the sales funnel. Thereafter, track the tailor-made conversations with customers. Equally important, analyze your customers behavior and generate reports of campaign performance. In face, these are the most essential features that are always in demand.

SuiteCRM open source embeds with many plugins for extending its characteristics. Additionally, its calibrated plugins are always in claim among the CRM user. To clarify, that is in demand for its flexibility and advanced improvement. Moreover, some of the feature updated extensions SuiteCRM open source are:

1.3.1. QuickBooks Integration

The workplace is an integral part of every team. Most importantly, it is vital irrespective of their job role and level of employment. Besides, same kind of tasks doing repeatedly in the same manner on each day is a worn-out duty for any individual. Truly, Quick Books Integration on SuiteCRM helps to automate your repeated task. Further you can concentrate on other crucial work. Additionally, free yourself from uninteresting regular tasks in just a few clicks away.

Communication plays a vital role in all the organization. Truly, it is important regardless of the type of industry you are in or serve. Besides, avoid any simple communication gap or back-and-forth messages. Further, wrong statements may impact your productivity or service affecting your business growth. Above all, SuiteCRM QuickBooks Integration is a connection tool. To clarify, it links your Quickbooks account information with SuiteCRM software. Additionally, it gives an integrated view of account information and customer details. Furthermore, such view in a single platform enhances the performance of your business. Grow Your Business Competence with New Additions

QuickBooks Integration with your SuiteCRM system allows auto-bidirectional updates for product information. Further, periodical synchronization is possible in a pre-defined form at a scheduled time. Moreover, this helps to reduce duplicate entries and avoid clerical errors. To clarify, it create, maintain and update the data in any one of the locations. Furthermore, bidirectional synchronization of accounts and product category information is possible.

Synchronize your existing information bidirectionally by just switching into tabs. Indeed, frequent updates are possible as per your CRON time. To clarify update with auto-synchronization of products category and accounts. Then, synchronizing SuiteCRM products and services to QuickBooks is effortless from specific sections. Additionally, QuickBooks API version 3 transfers products. In addition, transfers contacts, invoices and quotes bidirectionally in a secured way.

1.3.2. SuiteCRM Duplicate Checker

Duplications in CRM occurs often while dealing with a high volume of data. In addition, sometimes on information about customers and services. Therefore, finding and removing duplications of SuiteCRM is easier. To clarify, it is possible with this SuiteCRM Duplicate Checker plugin. Moreover, none of the single customers must be present in two different systems. Additionally they are not duplicated under two categories. Earlier, such double or duplicated customers will get treated diversely. That is to say, it will impact your customer satisfaction and retention. Therefore, Duplicate Checker for SuiteCRM is an important extension for every SuiteCRM user. Consequently, knowing the needs of customers and fulfilling their requirements made easy. Data Accuracy - a Fundamental Business Need

Maintaining customer data with appropriate information is essential to make a profitable business. Indeed, it stores the dates, behavior, interests, conversations, transactions and remarks. Further, interlinking customer data with many departments of an organization is possible. Additionally, various teams manage those information. Moreover, dealing a set of data by different people at the same or varied time drives to incorrect data. As a result, it consumes more resources and increase spams. Besides, it also takes more time and provide wrong reports.

Delete duplications of data with SuiteCRM Duplicate Checker. That is to say, increase your productivity and customer satisfaction with no duplication. Moreover, unique fields option pulls out the duplicate entry from a specific field. Additionally, enable or disable choices allows describing your duplicate check mode. Further, it notifies the duplicates every time while entering new data or record. Besides, it helps to keep up your data accurately without any troubles. Most importantly, duplicate free SuiteCRM is workable by this plugin.

Ending Up

Hope you got to know all about the best free open Source SuiteCRM. Moreover, make a brisk up-and-down walk-through of this guide. To clarify, it helps to understand SuiteCRM open source free CRM. Additionally, know about it along with its resourceful features. Indeed, just get into Chapter 1.2 to increase your business growth and boost up your conversion rates.

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