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The duplicate-free CRM record is a challenging task for every organization. When your organization grows, the customer database increases as well. The increase in the quantity of CRM records will have a high chance of duplicate entries.

Humans are prone to errors. Creating duplicate records in CRM while typing in a rush or by mistake or when importing bulk records is a common one. No matter the size of your organization whether it may be small or large, CRM record duplication will definitely have a negative impact on its productivity. Duplicate records affect almost all the departments of the organization which in turn reduces Sales growth.

Impact of Duplicate CRM records across departments

Is it possible to pretend the CRM records from duplicates?

Yes. Definitely with the Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger.

Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger is a smart extension like its name. It effectively detects duplicates in your CRM records. It will then merge the duplicate records to store all valuable information in one record and ignore other insignificant details. The merge operation will delete all duplicate records and merges the field values to the parent record.

Prevent duplicate before it is created

As we know Prevention is better than Cure. Preventing your CRM record from duplicates before it was created is an efficient and effective way to avoid duplicate records. This Smart Duplicate Merger will pop out a message as soon as the data was inserted. So that you can easily avoid duplicates before the record is saved. And also it saves more time and effort on entering the same existing data twice. You can avoid a lot of confusion by analyzing duplicate records. Probably more than one contact may have the same first name and last name. When you create a record for the second contact of the same first name and last name then it pop-out a message that the contact is already existing. But if you know it’s literally not a duplicate, then skip the warning when you click on the Save button. The warning shows that if you want to save the record or set it as duplicate. If you want to save the record, click on Yes. Then your record will be saved. 

Easy Configuration with User-friendly UI

It is so easy to navigate throughout the extension. You can easily configure the fields to match and merge with the simple icon. At a time, any number of fields can be selected for match and merge. And also you can select any modules from the dropdown to find duplicates and merge them. It is flexible to activate and deactivate the duplicate checks and merges with a simple Enable/Disable Switch

How to select the field for accurate duplicate detection?

You can easily avoid duplicates when you manually entered the data as it shows the warning if the same records exist. But what can we do in case of Bulk import of customer records?

Only after importing the records, you can see a lot of Michael Jacksons are there. It is so confusing to detect which record is original and which one is a duplicate. Literally many people having the same first name and last name is so common. For example, two leads having the same first name and last name doesn’t necessarily mean they are duplicates. Selecting the first name field and last name field for match and merge is not enough to detect accurate duplicates. Let us add some additional fields too. You can select the email and phone number fields along with the mobile field will definitely help in detecting the accurate duplicate detection.

Find and Merge - Data Deduplication

Data deduplication is the process of detecting duplicates and merging two records as one without the loss of information. This will save a lot of your time and keep your CRM Clean. 

Before merging two records you should be over-confident about the duplicate records to avoid loss of valuable information. For that select two to three fields to match. The more fields you select for merge, the more accurately the duplicate will be detected.

Once the duplicate was detected then the secondary record will be merged with the primary record without the loss of information. 

If you find 200 duplicate records, then it will merge into 100 records. Thus it makes the CRM data more quality and accurate. The Data quality of CRM records will increase the effectiveness of sales forecasts.

Merging Rule- How the records are merged on duplicates?

If you find two records of the same information, then consider one record as a primary and the other as a secondary record.  The primary record is the record with the earliest creation date.  The Smart Duplicate Merger will compare the two records by screening the selected fields for the match. 

Rule 1: All fields match exactly

If the selected fields exactly match two records, then the secondary record will be merged with the primary record. That is only the primary record will exist and the secondary will be deleted.

Rule 2: Only the selected fields match

If you select only the first name for Match, then the duplicate checker checks for the first name and Merge the secondary records though the last names are different. So selecting as many fields avoids confusion in detecting duplicate records.

Rule 3: Auto-fill empty primary fields

If you select three fields(first name, last name, phone number) for match and merge. On matching fields, for example, the first name and the phone number fields exactly match on two records while the secondary field has the last name and the primary field is empty. In this case, the Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger 3.0 smartly merges the secondary record with the primary record. That is Auto-fill the empty primary field with the secondary field value. Thus it guarantees that no valuable data will be lost on merging two records.

Features of Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger 3.0

Bottom Line

Data Deduplication plays a crucial role in Data management. The Duplicate free CRM records help in analysis the of accurate sales forecasts and avoid confusion across departments. Since the CRON scheduler runs at a specific interval of time, it automatically detects and merges data. The ability to keep CRM records neat and clean automatically is invaluable. This in turn saves the data clean-up time and effort for your team to focus on other areas. 

With Smart Duplicate Merger, No Dupes in CRM records and No problems in Data Analysis.

Let your team, work with an accurate CRM record and a happy team makes a productive environment.

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