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Suite CRM Google Calendar Integration

Gone are the days of manually entering your appointments into both Google calendar and Suite CRM. And crossing your fingers that you don’t forget to show up on time. Now, with SuiteCRM’s Google Calendar integration, users can seamlessly integrate their Google Calendar into their SuiteCRM account. This allows them to easily keep track of their appointments, meetings, and events all in one centralized place.

Integrate Your Google Calendar with SuiteCRM: Why?

Nowadays, Business meetings play a vital role in sales development and business management. Most of all the meetings are scheduled in a Google calendar and it is effectively shared with the invitees. 


Most often we have all our contacts in our CRM. Right?


We need to update all events and tasks in our SuiteCRM too. Managing events and tasks in both calendars and Juggling between two apps is a tricky task here. And time-consuming too.

No more juggling: Let’s take a Smart Move

No longer do you have to jump back and forth between tabs to stay organized. With Google Calendar, you can easily access your CRM data while scheduling tasks and calls. All in one convenient place, your workflow is smoother than ever before. It’s time to move on to the smartest way of handling two calendars with ease. Yes. With SuiteCRM google calendar integration, all your events and tasks in your Google calendar will be synced to your SuiteCRM and Vice-versa. This Bidirectional event sync will efficiently manage all your events in both locations. And make it easy for you to access one calendar with all the updated meetings that are planned for months, events, and tasks.

Connect your Google Calendar and Suite CRM: Get your Google API

The configuration of app settings matters the most in accessing the extension.

The app settings can be easily configured by getting Google API Key, Client ID, and Client secret. 

Here are some simple steps to get these credentials(Developer key, Client ID, and Client secret)

Browse Google Developer Console on your web browser

Select the Project on Google cloud console if you have one. If you don’t have any project yet, then create one by clicking on a New project

That’s it. Copy the developer key, OAuth client Id and client secret from your Google developer console and paste it into your App settings of SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration.


Now you have made a safe and secure sync with Google API configuration. 

Tailor Your Settings - Make It Your Way

With SuiteCRM google calendar integration you can customize your settings based on your own business needs. You can get the setup you want.


Enable Sync– Flexible to Enable/Disable the checkbox to allow/avoid sync between Google calendar and Suite CRM

Onsave Sync– Easy to select/deselect when the event/task is to sync Onsave (instantly when the event is created) or not.

CRON Sync– Enable if you prefer automatic sync based on the CRON time without any manual intervention

Event type– Sync the event type (call, meetings, and task) that you have selected in one calendar will also be reflected on the other.

Event Status– Sync the event status(Planned, Held, and not held) of the Google calendar will be automatically updated to SuiteCRM 

Start date for Sync From Google– Sync Events/Tasks from Google Calendar to Suite CRM at a specified date and time

Start date for Sync to Google– Sync Event/Tasks from Suite CRM to Google Calendar at a specified date and time.

Authorize your Google Account

Authorization is nothing but connecting your Google account to your Suite CRM. And it is easy to authorize your Google account with SuiteCRM in a single click. Just select your Google Account and connect it with your SuiteCRM.

Sync Your Calendar Events in Any Way You Can Imagine

Syncing events/ tasks in SuiteCRM Google Calendar integration is not restricted to syncing in a single way. It allows the user to sync their calendar events in Multiple ways based on their business requirements. 

You can sync manually(Historical Sync)

Sync your Calendar activities manually from the Google Sync option. 

You can easily sync all the events/ tasks with a single click on  

Sync From Google (Google Calendar to SuiteCRM) 


Sync To Google (Suite CRM to Google Calendar)

 You can also sync any events/ tasks at a particular date/time by selecting the Start date on the Configuration settings.

You can sync instantly(On Save)

Whenever a new event/task is created/updated in any one of the calendars (Google Calendar and SuiteCRM Calendar )then it will be reflected the same in another calendar instantly upon saving the event.

You can sync Automatically(CRON sync)

The CRON scheduler runs at the preferred CRON time. Just set up your Cron time on the CRONtab and enjoy the automatic event/task sync between Google calendar and Suite CRM. Let not a single event be missed from your activities with the updated calendar.

Track every Sync in a Single Page

With this integration you can keep updated on every event and their Sync statuses. You don’t need to be confused about whether any of the events were missed from sync. A glance at the Logs page describes all the Success/ and Failure statuses of the sync and helps in tracking every sync with ease.

Benefits of SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration

Speed up relationship building with the right connection. You no longer need to manually add contacts into your CRM one by one. With SuiteCRM Google Calendar integration, it’s easy to foster relationships with new meeting participants. All you need to do is open the meeting invitation from Google Calendar, and you can quickly add everyone who attended to your SuiteCRM. With a few clicks, you can expand your contact base with ease.

Stay on track with Keep Deals Moving- After a call or meeting, it can be difficult to keep up the momentum. With the help of a CRM that integrates with Google Calendar and Gmail, however, you can easily add notes and details without ever having to leave the app. This helps you to stay on track and continue to work on deals without interruption.

Easily access all your appointments and meetings in one place. You’ll also be able to easily track who is attending meetings and when they’re scheduled, as well as quickly add any new meetings and appointments.

Easier to stay on top of tasks and deadlines. With the ability to view upcoming tasks and deadlines on your calendar, you’ll be able to plan ahead and make sure you’re on top of all your commitments. This helps to ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines, and it also gives you a better overview of your workload.

Allows you to easily share your calendar with others. By sharing your calendar, you can keep your team on the same page and make sure everyone is aware of upcoming tasks and deadlines. This can help to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.
Get the exclusive Suite CRM Google Calendar Integration for streamlined scheduling


This integration makes life easier for busy professionals who need to keep track of their schedules. Overall, SuiteCRM’s Google Calendar integration is an incredibly useful tool that can help you stay organized and on top of your schedule. With the ability to view, manage, and share your calendar in one place, you’ll be able to easily keep track of all your appointments, tasks, and deadlines. Make sure to take advantage of this helpful integration and make your life a little bit easier. 

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