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G-Apps Integration module for SuiteCRM

Now organizing your events across two locations is made easier & faster than ever. Just add an event in one location and get automatically mirrored on the other. For eg: Consider adding a new event in your Google Calendar. While you save the event in your Google Calendar, SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration brilliantly detects and automatically add the same information to your SuiteCRM Calendar. similarly, connect your SuiteCRM with Gapps, Goole Contacts and Calendar.

Sync Google Calendar Events to SuiteCRM

Never miss out any of your important events to fall through cracks by maintaining all your events in one place. You can all your events sync between your Google Calendar and SuiteCRM in a just a single click. With G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM, you can automatically run the sync at regular intervals based on CRON time. Get the complete information about your sync success and failure in a single unified window.

Autocomplete SuiteCRM Address fields

Give your salesman the ability to enter all your customer address information without any typo error. It works with Google Place API, to provide you with a fully verified, type ahead, location-based suggestions. It auto-populates the address fields of SuiteCRM modules like Leads, Contacts, Invoice, Accounts & Quotes.

Google Contacts inside SuiteCRM

Efficiently organize all your customer events in one place with G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM. It helps you to sync your contact information between Google Contacts and SuiteCRM bidirectionally. With G-Apps Integration for SuiteCRM, you can easily make changes either in your SuiteCRM or Google Contacts and the changes are automatically get mirrored on the other.

Introducing new SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration to stay on top of your schedules

Ever experienced a scenario of missing out any of your important events say, a client meeting or a special family occasion or anything similar?<br><br>
Probably, we all had such an experience at least once in our lives. But this may happen more frequently when you’re part of the sales team.

Being an outbound sales rep, you may travel to different places for client meetings or demo’s as a daily chore. And you may need to access your calendar to track your schedules anywhere. By the time one can’t make sure that all the activities organized in one calendar. It’s possible to use at least two calendars (CRM Calendar and Google Calendar). Checking two or more calendars while you’re on the move is too frustrating and also increases the chance to overlook some of your important events, right? We solved it.

Meet our SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration, to get all your SuiteCRM events updated in your Google Calendar and the other way around. So no more hassle of checking different calendars to know about your schedules.


Stop juggling between multiple calendars

Connect your SuiteCRM Calendar and Google Calendar with SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration. You can bring all your Google Calendar events to SuiteCRM and send your SuiteCRM Calendar events to Google Calendar in no time. So you no longer need to switch between multiple tabs, get to know about all your schedules from one place either in your SuiteCRM Calendar or Google Calendar.

Sync all your existing events

SuiteCRM Google Calendar Integration is not only for efficiently organizing your future events you can also synchronize all existing events in a single click. But not all your existing events are essential, you may want to sync only past 1 or 2 month or year events alone. We resolved this by offering a specific date based filter, to synchronize the events from your preferred date & time.

Know your synchronization process

Keep track of your synchronization process with real-time logs. It offers success and failure messages for efficient analyzation in case of synchronization failures.

Introducing the all-new SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration

Year after year, your contact library grows immensely along with your business. It is possible that your contacts may be scattered across different channels like Email, CRM, Helpdesk, etc. Efficiently organizing and managing all these contact information is an integral part of your business. Without a proper contact management process, we need to spend our valuable time in searching the contacts across channels and may tend to lose our important contacts.

To unravel this, we’ve created SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration, the all-new integration tool to connect your Google Contacts with SuiteCRM to efficiently organize all your contact information in one place.


Let’s take a dive into what SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration brings for you:

All contacts in one place

No more hassle of checking different location to know about a single contact. Efficiently organize all your contacts in one place. SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration to get all your Google Contacts to SuiteCRM and vice-versa. Connect with your preferred Google account, bidirectionally synchronize and easily maintain your contacts information up-to-date.

Let the tool work for you

In today’s digital world, why we need to do manual labor when it can be offloaded to a machine. Make SuiteCRM Google Contact Integration to work for you. You can run the synchronization process automatically with available two options like On Save Sync or Scheduled Sync process.

Take control of the sync process

Whether you use the on save sync or scheduled sync, take complete control over your synchronization process. SuiteCRM Google Contacts Integration allows you to Enable/Disable the synchronization process to run both manually and automatically.

Keep track of the process

Get to know about your complete synchronization process with Logs in your SuiteCRM Google Contact Integration.

The all-new Address Autocomplete for SuiteCRM

Every business organization wants its sales person to be successful and to close more deals. Yet it is not an easy one to achieve. If we ask any salespeople about the whole sales lifecycle, they will list a pile of works that often makes it difficult for them to achieve their goals. One such work is entering all your customer information in CRM manually. Manual data entry may accidentally lead to inconsistent data and typo errors.


But having the accurate customer information in your CRM is one of the biggest asset for any business, especially for any eCommerce store having the correct and accurate address customer information is essential to boost the first-time delivery rates. Now you can easily enter your customer address information in your SuiteCRM without any errors. Address AutoComplete autofills the address field, when your salesman starts typing an address.

Secured Integration

Address AutoComplete works through the Google Place API, to provide you the real time interface to populate your customer address information with the fully verified addresses. It adds the autocomplete feature to the SuiteCRM modules like Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Invoice & Quotes and allows you to have type-ahead & location-based suggestions and creates a look & feel like a search on the Google Maps.

Complete Control

With Address AutoComplete, you can easily control the address filling of your SuiteCRM modules. You can turn On and Off the postal address autocomplete for any specific SuiteCRM modules.

End Tips

Go ahead and give it a try and let us know your feedback by mailing us.

Take Business on the go with SuiteCRM


Do you want to access your business leads, contacts, and other data on a mobile device? Your SuiteCRM data can be easily accessed from any iOS or Android device using the SuiteCRM Vibe App. The App is available for download on Google Play and Apple App stores. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the SuiteCRM Vibe App new features and updates.

Features of SuiteCRM Vibe App

Devices supported

Both the iOS and Android versions of the SuiteCRM Vibe App are now available. Accessing your SuiteCRM while on the move is not as easy with an internet connection. SuiteCRM Vibe removes this difficulty. Now you can manage the whole SuiteCRM process seamlessly while on the go.

Easily reachable from anywhere

Suite Vibe App helps the sales rep to have access to account history, product information, purchase information, log activities, etc instantly. With this Suite Vibe App, you can get alerts for scheduled meetings and client calls from anywhere, anytime. Having your CRM at your fingertips makes things even easier for you.

Locate your prospects

A geo-location tagging technology is integrated into the Suite Vibe App for real-time navigation. To conduct meetings with your clients, you can also locate their location to place calls and conduct meetings with them. Using this, the sales representative will be able to assign routes to team members by grouping clients according to their locations. Having this information aids the sales executive in arriving on time for the meeting without any delay.

Search as quickly as possible

Searches can be performed in a single field without traversing to another page. This eliminates the need for creating random filters. Additionally, it improves your server performance by reducing the load of searching in the limited tables.

Bug Fixes

The Vibe App has been updated with a few bug fixes.

Benefits of SuiteCRM Vibe App

1. Increase Customer Engagement

This will help to engage more customers and leads by the way of accessing it from anywhere. Also, this is integrated with third-party platforms like Google Maps to get your Client’s location instantly.

2. Increase User Adoption

Even though the SuiteCRM platform is responsive, viewing the same instance from a phone differs from viewing it on a desktop. A number of usability issues may prevent users from viewing the instance on their mobile device. Despite these issues, the SuiteCRM app presents a seamless and consistent experience on desktop as well as mobile. This helps you to boost adoption rates and increase productivity.

Wrap Up

We hope you have gained some knowledge about SuiteCRM Vibe Application through this blog. Send us an email at [email protected] with any questions you may have about this application. You can find the free app version in the Apple app store and Google play store.

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