Streamline your CRM address filling with Address Autocomplete

June 11, 2018

Due to the rapid technological growth and advancements, more and more people are switching over from the traditional method of shopping to online. Right from buying monthly groceries to booking a taxi or ordering dinner, you can do all and more without leaving your home. However, in all these applications customer addresses, it plays a vital role in delivering timely customer service.


It’s no surprise that many businesses today rely on CRM to manage all their customer information. So entering the accurate customer information in CRM is essential. But the address entry in both billing and shipping information remains one of the time consuming and cumbersome for many CRM users. But not anymore, here comes our Address Autocomplete for Vtiger CRM and SuiteCRM.

How it offers address suggestions

Address autocomplete works with Google Place Autocomplete API. Get your own API key and configure it either in your SuiteCRM or Vtiger CRM. If offers type-ahead address predictions, used to auto-populate the billing and shipping address.

Type few characters, Autocomplete does the rest

When your CRM user starts typing the first few characters of the customer address, Address Autocomplete will instantly finis, and suggest address based on the few characters typed in. Choose the right one and auto-populate all the other address fields.

For example: If you start typing the address field “Street” and now the Autocomplete suggest the relevant addresses when you choose the desired one all the other fields like City, State, and Country fields are auto-populated.

Give AutoComplete a try, and share your thoughts with us in the comments or drop us a line at [email protected]. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.