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Vtiger CRM Duplicate Check prevents duplicate record creation in your Vtiger CRM. This extension ensures avoiding repeated entry in your Vtiger CRM data. It checks for repeated entries instantly in your Vtiger CRM to grow data accurately and cleanly. Avoid creating duplicate data in real-time by setting up rules from the setting panel. Every single entry point is checked for duplication and thus prevented. It finds the duplicates from existing records and from newly created records. Define unique fields to find the duplicate data instantly across Vtiger modules.

Need to Avoid Duplicate Record Creation

Duplication or record overlap occurs while transferring or uploading huge volumes of data. Data upload from one database to another new system requires keen attention. Testing for duplicates is an unavailable feature for large uploads using the software. If you are trying to add a new record, there will not be any option to check whether it already exists. Duplication will occur for a full record or any of the fields like contacts, deals, and phone numbers. Pre-define the attributes or fields of data to avoid duplication in your database.

The Challenges of Handling Extensive Data

Every business faces the challenge of avoiding duplicate data in real time. The database of a company is generally maintained in a CRM. Repeated records create many organizational issues if it contains any duplication of data. Stop worrying about data overlapping while uploading a high volume of data from any file. CRM handles many departments and allows several teams to access a single record at the same time. Some serious problems arise when two sales representatives try contacting the same customer. It will also affect the reputation of the company.

The customer gets annoyed while two sales staff persuading for the same purpose. Such confusion impacts the credibility of the business. It is a waste of time and resources for any firm to make different employees contacting a single lead. For instance, repeated data makes confusions if it is not removed from your database. Dealing with a repeated record not only wastes the time of your team member but also affects ROI. It leads to a higher chance of losing your potential customer. Once the duplication is detected, rectification will be required at many levels. This process will become mandatory for the company to retain customers. Consequences occur among the associates to close the business for that particular customer.

Updating the database with existing and new customers without any repetition is important. The mode of communicating with the customer will vary to different teams. It is necessary for a CRM to keep the records up to date by updating the details without replication. An incomplete version of the record will crash the flow and affect your business. Rectification of discrepancy is a time-consuming process and disturbing task. Such an unfortunate situation will make a bad customer experience influencing the target.

The Problems Caused by Duplicate Data

Organizations face critical problems due to duplication of data and records. Data duplication hits every aspect including productivity, customer satisfaction, business growth and profitability.

Dealing with data duplication on time prevents difficult chaos for any business.

Vtiger Duplicate Check - A Solution to Avoid Duplication

Vtiger duplicate check inspects for the duplicate data and prevents duplication. It comprehensively stops duplicate record creation by avoiding the repetition of data. The extension helps to find out duplicate records from the existing database. Once the default check conditions are set, it prevents creating new duplication. It eliminates errors by checking the duplicates in all possible views. The check can be done for repeated data from Summary View, Create, Edit, Detail, and Quick Create views. The real threat of data duplication can be avoided with many feasible features.

Get to know how the duplicate checker works in Vtiger CRM here:

Protection of Duplication Anytime Far and Wide

Vtiger duplicate check protects the outgrowth of data duplication. It protects duplication automatically while data is synchronized from any type of source. You can set rules to determine a duplicated record by defining certain fields. Consider a data as repeated if it matches with a name, phone number and email address. The checker, once you define the attributes, will automatically run in the background. Prevent duplication while uploading, or from a CSV file and entering manual source. It is capable of finding the later edited record that was not duplicated while creating it. If you create a fresh record and edit the same with a field that already exists, it will be revealed as duplicate. Vtiger duplicate checker is an ultimate solution for eliminating duplicates. It also avoids reduplication at all times here and there.

Specify The Required Fields To Detect and Hinder

Vtiger duplicate check lets you specify the identical fields to be checked. You can easily find out the repeats once configured and hinder them. The simple step is to set the unique combination of fields, detect and stop duplication. Thus helping to recognize that specific combinations exist only once in the database. The criteria defined with search fields are the touchstones for check. The checker identifies every record before creating it with a single record number. It also checks when an upload or sync occurs from the Quickbooks database or Google contacts. Finding duplicates during sync and also later with manual intervention is simple now.

Setting Up of Vtiger Duplicate Check

Vtiger duplicate checker extension is an easy-to-use tool to avoid duplicate records. It checks, and spots existing duplicates. This also prevents duplicates before it is created in your Vtiger CRM system. You can set up your Vtiger CRM for handling duplicate records by following the below steps.

A simple configuration in your Vtiger CRM helps to eradicate your duplicates. You can also maintain the CRM more neat and accurate without any confusion. There are multiple benefits to using the duplicate checker. It can check from Create and Edit Views for the records in real-time. Admin of the Vtiger CRM can enable or disable the Prevent Save mode for allowing the users to save records. You can also select multiple fields to verify the uniqueness of the record. You can also find options for Quick edit in detail view. It checks for duplicates for all Vtiger entity modules. You can enable or disable the duplicate check easily at any time. Set it individually for any Vtiger CRM module.This duplicate check will go hand in hand with both standard and custom modules of Vtiger CRM.

Detects Cross Duplication

Detects duplication of records across the modules including Leads, Organizations, and Contacts module. You can enable cross duplication detection by clicking on the For CrossCheck box. This feature works for finding duplicate records for the phone and email field types.

Get Duplicate Alerts Instantly

A pop-out will display you the duplicate alert when new data is entered. It appears instantly if the duplicate data already exists.

Alert on Detailed View Edit

You will get an alert immediately while you are updating an existing record in the detailed view. It will give the alert while updating Products by the advanced duplicate check. Updating any custom module and editing contacts also will give an alert instantly to you. You can prevent your redundant data from spamming your CRM.

Wrapping Up

Vtiger duplicate check finds repeated data from any sync, CSV imports. It will also check duplication during workflow transfers and uploads. Handling duplicates in a CRM system is an essential nuts and bolts task. The company database maintenance is a crucial work that requires an effective system. Avoid duplicate data creation and identify the challenges to stop. You can remove all the duplicates in your database to the fullest manually after finding the duplicates. Get to know more about Vtiger Duplicate Check here to start stopping your duplicates. Configure this module to prevent duplicates of your CRM system from any source. You can reach us to get a solution for a problem and build a specific feature for your system. We are ready to assist you if you have any questions, write to us at [email protected]

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