Smart Duplicate Merger for Vtiger now supports Vtiger7

August 9, 2017

Today, we’re happy to release Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger with the support for the latest version of Vtiger CRM 7. Data duplicates in CRM is not an easy one to solve, but with the right tool you can easily handle them. Here comes our Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger to detect and efficiently handle the duplicates in your Vtiger CRM and to keep your CRM data clean.


The right tool for you

Customer Relationship Management is the strongest and the most efficient approach for any business in cultivating and managing customer relationships. But to achieve this, you need to have a good and accurate data about the customers. However maintaining relevant, up-to-date data can be tedious. When your business grows, your CRM data will also become unwieldy and  sometimes may lead to duplicate data.

Data duplicates are some of the most troublesome records that can worm their way into the existing data. This may lead to a lot of confusion among salespeople and making the company look disorganized, incompetent and finally lost sales. As duplication increases, the opportunity of tracking and reporting becomes more fragmented and difficult. So keeping your CRM data clean is also critical for efficient sales process. With Vtiger Smart duplicate merger, you can efficiently detects and merge the duplicates and can help you to keep your CRM database more optimized with minimal effort.

Instant check for duplicates

Whenever your sales reps adds a new Lead, Contact or any information in the CRM,  they won’t check the existing records before adding them. If duplicate data are added in your CRM, it would be difficult to clean them. Well, Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger will instantly check for duplicates, when new data is inserted and pops out an alert, if the data already exists.

Set your own rules

All your customers information can’t be different all the time, they may have some similar information like names, location and more. With Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger, you can define your own rules to detect the duplicates. You can specify any unique fields to check for duplicates.

Cross module duplicate check

Duplicate records might be stored anywhere in your CRM. For eg: Keeping your customer information in Leads after converting them as customers in Contacts/Organisations will chunk your CRM database. Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger helps you to detect duplicates across modules and thereby keeping your CRM data more optimized.

Automated check and Merge

Now a question pops up, it will detect the duplicates during the insertion of new records, then what about existing records with duplicates? With Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger, you can also eliminate the duplicates in your existing CRM data. The duplicate check and merge process is automated based on CRON. It detects the identical records and add the useful info to the primary record before deletion. Sot that your customer information never fall through cracks.

If you prefer only instant check, you can try Vtiger Duplicate Check. But we would recommend Vtiger Smart Duplicate Merger, for instant detection & elimination and for detecting duplicates in existing records.

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