Smackcoders takes another big leap – Introducing Hawkpayroll

July 5, 2017

Today is a very proud moment for all us at Smackcoders, as we step into our first on demand cloud based services, Hawkpayroll. The Hawkpayroll’s arrival in your company is enough to get you through the bitter Payroll process!


In rough and tumble world of 60 – 70% of SME’s, most of the companies make their payroll in hand or spreadsheet. Listing all the employee info, gathering all receipts for reimbursement, filling them by hand, all of these tasks add up fast and wastes a ton of time that could be spent on more important tasks.

Hawkpayroll is elegantly designed to make payroll process more simple than any other payroll system in the market. The autopilot of redundant manual tasks in payroll management completely reduces the complexity of payroll calculation.

There are plenty of reasons on why you should be using Hawkpayroll. A few of them are:

Get rid of paperwork

Schedule your regular pay run process and then sit back & relax. Hawkpayroll ensures your finance team to focus on achieving the financial goals of the company, instead of doing lots of paper works.

Get notified at right time  

While automating your pay run cycle, Hawkpayroll provides a clear, well-timed and automated email to remind you about the pay run scheduled on the next day.

Employee data at your fingertips

Get all your employee info in one place, which helps to quickly get the complete up-to-date information about your employee.

We have been serving our customers by installable products over the years and are quite excited to provide them with cloud based services. Now, you can take a FREE trial

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