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Say bye to manual works. Simplifying the multilingual WooCommerce website maintenance process.

Consider yourself as an eCommerce shop owner. With the aim, to create your digital presence and to reach the global audience you decided to build a beautiful, yet informative website. Now, it’s so obvious that you will look for popular platforms to get this done. And there are dozens of platforms available in the market.


One such best and popular combo for this is WordPress, WooCommerce, and WPML. If you’re a net-savvy, chances are you’ve heard of these tools already. For the uninitiated, WordPress is a popular, free and easy-to-use CMS that makes it easy to build different types of websites. WooCommerce and WPML are popular WordPress plugins to create your own multilingual eCommerce website with ease.

Now that you’ve designed your beautiful website with these tools. What’s next? Of course, the data entry process i.e. adding all your product information. A single product includes a varied set of information like,

  • Product Name, Description
  • Product images, Gallery Images
  • Price, Quantity, Product categories
  • The list goes on…

Would you involve in the manual data entry process? Just can’t imagine how much time and effort this whooping data takes. Even horror is having multiple variations and languages for a single product. Then what about the hundreds and thousands of products you have in your store? Phew…

Well, no worries anymore. You’re in the right place. This article will show you, how we can get all this done in no time without undergoing a long, tedious process.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer makes your multilingual eCommerce website data entry process breezy. Import new or update existing WordPress content in one go from any CSV/XML file.

Bring all in a jiffy. You may have multiple gallery images or multiple variations or any other for your product, get the complete WooCommerce product information inside your WordPress in a few clicks.

Sell across borders. Make your website to reach the global audience. WP Ultimate CSV Importer makes this easy for you with the support for the import of WPML. Add the different language content and language code in your CSV and easily turn your single language website into multilingual WooCommerce website.

Import from anywhere. No matter where you’re maintaining your product information, fetch it inside your WordPress in no time. WP Ultimate CSV Importer supports the import from different locations like Dropbox, Google sheets, Google drive, Third-party Servers, Local machine, etc.

Just 3 simple steps. Upload your CSV, map the fields and get it right in your WordPress. Also, WP Ultimate CSV Importer is not just an importer tool, it does more. You can efficiently handle your duplicate content, better inform your WooCommerce website visitors with maintenance mode and effectively handle the catastrophe with the option to rollback to the previous state.

Now you’ve inserted all your data in your WordPress and your website is ready to launch. Once launched, you will be like – that’s it, we’re all set and no worries anymore. But it’s not the case, the actual work starts here.

The trick isn’t just having a stagnant website, rather we need to maintain it with ever-fresh content. Let’s get this even more clear with the below scenario:

As we all know the price/stock availability of any product changes from time to time. If you haven’t updated the product pricing or the stock information regularly, there may be a possibility of having the outdated information on your website. The worst part is when your client makes a purchase at this time. Definitely, you will lose the sale and the customer. So it’s quite clear that it is necessary to keep your eCommerce website up-to-date to have better results. How we can do this?

Importing right way is better than manual entry, but going through a series of steps for each and every small change is also a time consuming one. Scheduled import comes to the rescue. Schedule the update process in your preferred timings, Ultimate CSV Importer runs in the background and automatically updates your WooCommerce website content without your intervention.

The even simpler way is to maintain all your content in Google Sheets, makes changes in it and get the changes you made in your Google sheets automatically reflected on your WooCommerce Website.

Endnote. Even if you’re a newbie, you can easily build and maintain your eCommerce website with the right tools in your hand.

Happy Importing!

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