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Like every Post, Pages, and Comments, Users data are also prominent while migrating your website content. You can bulk import your User’s data along with WP-Members plugin, and also with WooCommerce billing and shipping information. Here in this article, we’ll explore the complete features of Users import in WordPress CSV Importer plugin free version.

Hassle free peaceful import

Manually importing your WordPress User’s data takes years to complete if you have tons of data. Undertaking this manual importing process may result in a waste of time. The easiest way to import users is by using the best importer plugin. 

Ultimate CSV Importer, the importer and exporter plugin relieves you from this time-consuming manual work. You can easily import your bulk Users’ data into WordPress by undergoing the four simple importing steps.

Overview of importing data

As an initial step, download the Ultimate CSV Importer Free plugin from wordpress.orgNow install it in your WordPress. You can install the plugin by following any of the three methods given in this how to install WordPress plugin blog. After you setup, you can see the plugin on the right side of your WordPress admin panel. 

Visit the plugin. In the ‘import/update’ section, upload your CSV file from the desktop or from any location. Select the ‘New items’ if you import new data. Select ‘Existing items’ if you want to update fresh data in an existing WordPress record. Choose the post type as ‘Users’ and click on continue to proceed. Map the WP fields related to CSV fields. The plugin will automatically map fields if both WP fields and CSV fields have the same header values.

Before saving your mapping, name the mapping in ‘Save this mapping as’, to use as a template in the future. The media handling section is useful to upload any external images in your WordPress. Options like ‘use media images if already available’ and ‘do you want to overwrite existing images’ in media handling allow you to handle duplicates in WordPress media. Continue the process. And finally, in the import section tap the ‘import’ to instant import your WordPress Users data.

Auto generated password

While importing Users’ data, if the User’s password column is found to be empty. The plugin will automatically generates a password and sends it to your WordPress Users via Email. You can configure this function by visiting the ‘Settings’ menu and enable the ‘send password to users’ option.

Import your WooCommerce shipping and billing information

Importing bulk Users data along with WooCommerce shipping and billing
information can be done. Also Users data can be imported with WP-Members
fields. It’s possible to import your WordPress users with its metadata.
Install the users import addon now from and enjoy the seamless Users import.

Protect your website from duplicate entries

It has an inbuilt feature to prevent your website from duplicate entries. The ‘do you want to SWITCH ON maintenance mode while import’ option notifies your website visitors that your site is in maintenance mode. You can configure this feature in the import configuration section while importing.

Prerequisites to import Users

First of all, install the Importer & Exporter plugin in your WordPress. Then install the Import Users plugin. Upload the plugin in your WordPress root directory or upload and install the zip file in your WordPress admin area.

To explore more features for importing Users, pay a visit to WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro page. For more help, write to us at [email protected]

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