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Ever experienced this scenario, while creating invoice for your customers and found a small but glaring mistake, after converting it to PDF? If your answer is Yes, then you know how difficult is to edit PDF document without the source in Word or Excel (for example).


Whenever your customer requests for an invoice, you may use any one of the source, say Word along with different templates and images to create beautiful invoices. And then use a convertor tool to get it as PDF. Now, if you find any mistake, you need to change the source and then again need to convert it. As well, it also adds an extra work as you need to maintain a separate excel sheet to keep track of all your invoices. So, what’s a solution for all these additional & tedious works?

PDF Maker for Vtiger – To design your own PDF templates for Invoice, Quotes, Sales order, Purchase order and more within your Vtiger CRM.

Design your own PDF

Take your business to the next level by delivering professionally designed invoice to your customers. With PDF Maker, you can easily design and maintain all your PDF templates within the Vtiger CRM. Easily configure and design your template header, footer and body individually and you can also customise your pdf with page formats, orientation, barcodes, product and company info to enhance your customer experience.

Send Invoices via Mail

Your invoice is often the last point of contact with your customers to get paid and it is the critical part of any successful business. So it’s important to provide them a well-designed and beautiful invoice in order to make a lasting performance. With, PDF Maker you can easily design your own invoices of your choice and send it via email from your Vtiger CRM. And with help of some advanced tools, you can also attach the paypal pay now button right inside your invoice to help your customers to pay instantly.

Built-in PDF Export

If you need to print off all your inventories when it comes time for tax filing, or if you simply prefer having copies saved to your hard drive as well, you can export them easily with PDF Maker. It enables the export of your PDF with the option to choose the product fields either with all or limited set of details within the Vtiger CRM. You can also edit your template at the time of export.

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