Say hello to the latest updates of Email Customizer for WooCommerce

October 31, 2017

“Is Email is essential for a business?”

In short, Yes. Even though social marketing has surpassed email as a preferred means of communication, the fact that email has a great importance in modern business communication is undeniable. Everyday, millions of business emails are sent over web, from companies to customers or suppliers, from employees to managers and from one coworker to another.


Among all the other emails, the one which stands out of the crowd is customer service emails. Probably any given company can send any no. of customer service emails on any given day. By the time, it’s possible to lose sight on how much important every single email is!

But for your customers, it might be the only interaction with your business on that day. If they’re delighted, then you’re one step closer towards success or else a single mistake alone can completely shape the way your customers feel about your business.

So we’ve approached these Emails – “As one of the way to add a great customer experience”. With the right features, you can easily create a happier and better customer experience for every email that you send. Email Customizer for WooCommerce, to create customized and more personalized email templates for your prospects. Now bundled with much more new features and it’s a doozy.

A fresh new look!

Introducing the all-new user interface for Email Customizer For WooCommerce to make your experience even more better than before.

  • Easy drag and drop of required fields – Now you no longer need to add each and every fields separately into your emails. We’ve introduced individual drag and drop options for all the sections like customers details, order details, header & footer, disclaimer, social links, buttons, images and more.
  • Edit any fields at any time – With the enhanced Email Customizer for WooCommerce, you can easily add or edit individual field values like font size, family, color for any particular section in no time.

New to Email Customizer for WooCommerce? Take it for a spin now and let us know your thoughts in the comments or via email [email protected]