A Man with a Monkey Saves His Time with Vtiger Mailchimp Plus: Then What About You?

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  • A Man with a Monkey Saves His Time with Vtiger Mailchimp Plus: Then What About You?

A cute little monkey is sliding on a bed. Meanwhile, his boss enters the room with a laptop.


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I was so hunger said Monkey.

Oh, my little champ I need to send the marketing campaign to all of my audience using Mailchimp. And you know one thing its logo is the same as that of you.

It is so exciting to see my face on the logo. Wow, it looks nice. Ok, I will wait for some moment until you send your marketing campaign said Monkey.

The man smiled and started his work. He assigns his marketing team to send the email campaign to all their audiences. The Marketing team replies most of our contact records are managed through Vtiger CRM. So we have to export, remove unwanted and upload all the contacts from Vtiger CRM to Mailchimp. And then segregate them into the appropriate groups, tags, and segments in Mailchimp to filter our target audiences. And at last, we will send the right campaign to the right audience.

He was stunned by hearing this. Oh, It takes a lot of our productive time and effort to enter and manage all the records manually between Vtiger CRM and Mailchimp.

Ok, Let’s assign this job to the Sales team who have all the customer records. The sales team replies we only have the customer records and we can’t able to segregate the contacts into groups, tags, and segments with Vtiger CRM to filter the target audience. Moreover, we are not able to send fascinating email campaigns like Mailchimp.

The man understands the workplace silo that cracks the relationship between the sales and marketing team.

He decided to bridge the gap between both teams.

Meanwhile,  the Monkey came,

Have you finished your work?

Oh sorry, I haven’t finished. Ok, I will give you some slices of bread.

No, I don’t want it

Then you want some fruits or veggies?

No, I want Delicious Sandwiches

A Sandwich? ( smiles the man). Wait I will prepare it for you.

He fills the gap between the two pieces of bread with some fruits.

And the Monkey Loved to eat it. 

Suddenly an idea sparks inside his head that the combination of two different things makes the most beautiful things with the uniqueness of both things.

The man was so happy and start googling to integrate Vtiger CRM with his Mailchimp. And he found an amazing extension called Vtiger MailchimpPlus.

He was excited and eagerly search for Vtiger Mailchimp Plus Extension. He wondered how the extension effectively syncs all the customer records between Vtiger CRM and Mailchimp. And the added advantage is it syncs records in both directions. That is from Vtiger CRM to Mailchimp and Mailchimp to Vtiger CRM. He found that it is easy to sync single records and bulk records with a few clicks in the extension. It also syncs records even in a conditional Workflow. 

The man is scrolling the screen with excitement…..

“The Vtiger Mailchimp plus also allows automatic record sync after every ten minutes. It is easy to track all the success and failure sync statuses on a single audit page. And the failed records can be resynced directly from the Audit Page. If the record fails to sync after three attempts then the Vtiger Mailchimp Plus will send an instant notification regarding the failed records. All your CRM contacts will be synced as your Mailchimp Subscribers, CRM campaigns to the Mailchimp campaign, and CRM Lists to the Mailchimp Audiences. You can subscribe, unsubscribe and remove the Mailchimp subscribers directly from Vtiger CRM”

The man was so satisfied with all of its features. Suddenly he had a doubt and start typing

“With Vtiger MailChimp Plus, Shall we create groups, tags, and segments in Vtiger CRM?” He found an answer.

Yes absolutely. You can easily segregate your CRM contacts with groups, tags, and segments using Vtiger Mailchimp Plus. The groups, tags, and segments of your Vtiger CRM will be synced to the corresponding groups, tags, and segments of your Mailchimp. And also easily relate your contacts with any groups and subscribers.

Oh, my Little monkey! Thank you for the idea. This extension saves a lot of my productive time 

(With Smile) What are you going to do with all the newfound time I have saved you?

The Man thinks about that. And the Vtiger Mailchimp Plus is Installing….

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